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zombie christ

The Walking Dead parody view on tube online.

The Walking Dead parody WALKING DEAD parody "THE WALKING CHRIST"Watch as Jesus lays waste to the zombie hordes.This video shows a montage of the up coming season of the Walking Christ.Then a gives you a sneak peek at episode one. This parody is based off The Walking Dead on AMC american movie channel
by: skinlab38 | 590 views
Bible Part the Deuce Trailer view on tube online. 01:04

Bible Part the Deuce Trailer

Crime City, IL... Lt. Jesus Christ (Alex Justice) is a tough cop with a shady past. After lossing his partner in the jaws of a gruesome zombie, and being kic...
by: jbandit1981 | 843 views
2007-08-27 | 2012-07-29
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