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women circumcision

Horror of Female Circumcision - 8 Feb 08 view on tube online. 02:49

Horror of Female Circumcision - 8 Feb 08

Female genital mutilation is carried out for cultural and religious reasons. Women across the world are affected by the practice which is widely recognised as a violation of human rights.
2008-02-08 | 2012-09-30
BeyondTV08- Participatory videomaking view on tube online.

BeyondTV08- Participatory videomaking

2 film makers discuss their work- about male circumcision rituals in Africa and about Nepali women. What happens when your 'subjects' get control of your camera. Filmed at BeyondTv festival, Swansea November 22 2008
by: undercurrents | 0 views
2008-11-24 | 2012-09-15
IHTV-75 Losing While Boozing And Circumcision view on tube online.

IHTV-75 Losing While Boozing And Circumcision

IHTV on why different women gain, maintain or lose weight while drinking. What factors account for these differences? Also Intactivists in San Francisco stir up a new circumcision controversy by trying to ban it the city. Is it harmful or not?
by: IHTV | 9284 views
Latim - Circumcised - Obřezaná view on tube online. 02:20

Latim - Circumcised - Obřezaná

This is a trailer of one very shocking documentary movie about Africa women circumcision. The whole movie is coming up in weeks from now. Just follow www.fil...
by: MrROBERTROBINSON | 2764 views
2011-08-04 | 2012-05-30
International Christian Film Festival | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos view on tube online.
2009-05-04 | 2012-05-21
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