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what jesus meant

Gidi Gan view on tube online.

Gidi Gan

Gidi Gan means abundantly; copiously; plentifully; in large quantities; more than enough;richly etc. What we lost in Eden through Adam has been restored back through Jesus Christ.Now we are meant to enjoy abundant life. That is what Gidi Gan is all about. Please enjoy the video
2012-04-04 | 2012-10-15
The Letter From Hell view on tube online. 07:26

The Letter From Hell

This is a video our church used in summer of 2006 to encourage our students to share their faith with their friends. Please note, this is not a complete theological explanation of Hell and is not meant in any way to be used as a scare tactic to convince anyone to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. The desicion to follow Christ is one that needs to be made not just emotionally, but also through discerning what the truth truly is.
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2007-08-29 | 2012-08-02
Members Of Seventh Day Slumber Talk About The Bible. view on tube online. 02:42

Members Of Seventh Day Slumber Talk About The Bible.

Joseph of Seventh Day Slumber talks about reading the Bible as God's love letters to us. He was really affected by his pastor taking time to sit and help him understand what it all meant. The Bible made Joseph realize God had a plan for him, especially as he read stories of Jesus spending time with prostitutes and other 'ungodly' people. Josh talks about Psalm 23 which reminds him that God is with him in all trials.
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