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well done indian

Pakistani Terror boat intercepted by Indian Coast Guard view on tube online.

Pakistani Terror boat intercepted by Indian Coast Guard

26/11like terror attack foiled by Indian Coast Guard,there was a post about this but it was just a picture. As usual Porki bitches will deny or will stay in denial mode but job well done and thanks to the US and British Agencies who have been assisting Indian agencies which also led to the capture of ISIS twitter propagandist from Bangalore Mehdi Masroor suspected to have recruited british non muslims to fight for ISIS in Syria.
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2015-01-02 | 2015-01-05
Britney Spears view on tube online. 02:07

Britney Spears

look like they are for that urdu song. its very well done! ... urdu song video rangeela re english pakistani indian funny britney spears music comedy
2007-09-11 | 2012-08-15
The Manitou Pt1 view on tube online. 10:21

The Manitou Pt1

A really great movie with an all star is about an supernatural indian legend, This i think wasa well done movie. hope you like it.
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