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violence and flesh

Fears Of A Krokodil Invasion In The U.S.   view on tube online.

Fears Of A Krokodil Invasion In The U.S. 

The latest news on the Russian Krokadil epidemic. Warning: (Item intended for mature audiences and contains mild violence to brief graphic photos of medical conditions, specifically... rotting flesh.)
by: John Gault | 1359 views
2015-09-01 | 2015-09-02
Pathology - In Theaters April 18th view on tube online.

Pathology - In Theaters April 18th

Some say that Pathology is a window to God. As doctors, they see the perversion and corruption of the flesh by all means toxin...
2008-05-20 | 2012-10-20
The Gang: Part 2 view on tube online. 25:17

The Gang: Part 2

Although J.J. only received a flesh wound when he was shot in a gang war, and in spite of Florida's fears of more violence. James is determined to press charges in court against J.J.'s would-be assassin, Mad Dog, in the conclusion of a two-part story.
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