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vietnam film

mui du du xanh view on tube online. 01:36

mui du du xanh

1993 yapanci film dalinda oscar'a aday olmus 93 cannes ve 94 ıstanbul festivallerinde gösterilmisti. film uçari babalari tarafindan terk edilip duygusal çöküntü yasayan bir ailenin dramini vietnam'li küçük bir hizmetçi kizin gözünden sergiliyor. kölelik ile ask arasindaki belirsiz iliskinin en uç noktalarindaki karmasikligi anlatan bir yapit.
Fallen Angels view on tube online. 07:58

Fallen Angels

Vietnam War Movie Short FIlm
by: zzddevilzz | 4276 views
2009-06-04 | 2014-04-09
Luis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World view on tube online. 02:48

Luis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World

Official Soundtrack of the film Good Morning Vietnam.
by: kfosu | 0 views
2010-02-06 | 2014-01-16
VietNam_Hoang_Thuy_Linh view on tube online. 16:40


this film is very good
by: cooljoey27 | 519697 views
Watermelon Slim - Smokestack Lightning view on tube online. 04:59

Watermelon Slim - Smokestack Lightning

This is Watermelon Slim - the only Oklahoma blues musician signed to a major label. This guy is the real deal... He's been driving a truck for 30 years, been in vietnam, has three degrees, and just a few more teeth... All the rock and rollers out there that call themselves blues players take note... Oh...and he's left handed - so, that's a righty dobro he's playing, upside down and backwards. Filmed in Canada for a soon to be released short film.
by: Sp33dBr33d | 220715 views
2006-03-27 | 2013-11-10
{G-film-vietsub-mrgay2010} Trai nhảy (Dance boy) Vietnam part 10.FLV view on tube online. 08:13

{G-film-vietsub-mrgay2010} Trai nhảy (Dance boy) Vietnam part 10.FLV

No description available.
by: mrgay2011 | 56611 views
2012-04-11 | 2013-10-22
Sad Mickey Mouse Vietnam War Protest Film view on tube online.

Sad Mickey Mouse Vietnam War Protest Film

Boom, headshot!
by: deathwish01b | 572 views
US ARMY Chemical Warfare Test: Penetration of Fortified Targets by Sarin (GB) view on tube online.

US ARMY Chemical Warfare Test: Penetration of Fortified Targets by Sarin (GB)

"U.S. Army Materiel Command. U.S. Army Munitions Command. Edgewood Arsenal." Film shows tests of Sarin nerve gas on goats, rabbits and pigeons in the open and in simulated enemy bunkers. Made during the Vietnam War, the film refers to the possibility of using Sarin against Vietcong tunnels. CAUTION: dying animals used as test subjects and is not pleasant to watch.
by: theliberator | 3117 views
The Color Bearers view on tube online.

The Color Bearers

Check out this award winning documentary only at FirstGlance Film Fest Philadelphia 12 October 22-25 2009! Personal stories that reveal the meaning of the American flag and patriotism from Betsy Ross in 1776 thru the 21st century as told by average Americans. Historians, Singers, Veterans from WWII and Vietnam, painters, and others reveal their emotional attachment to this country and the flag that represents it. Starring Vince Papale
2009-08-17 | 2013-01-07
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