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us soldier iraqi

Sunni Arab citizen soldiers engage Iraqi puppet army vehicles   view on tube online.

Sunni Arab citizen soldiers engage Iraqi puppet army vehicles 

Sunni Arab citizen soldier attack a humvee with a remotely detonated bomb, and engage a second vehicle with small arms fire.
by: Mr-Creosote | 609 views
2015-07-26 | 2015-07-28
US Soldier Arm Wrestling Like A Boss view on tube online.

US Soldier Arm Wrestling Like A Boss

by: theladyzman | 47629 views
2015-06-25 | 2015-07-13
Warrior Wife Helps Iraqi School view on tube online. 02:26

Warrior Wife Helps Iraqi School

The spouse of a Soldier, Cpt. Shaun Wheelwright, helped to collect and send school supplies for almost 400 students at a rural Iraqi School NW of Baghdad. Her former employer, Oils of Aloha, donated a month's worth of profits to help her collect and send the supplies. If that doesn't melt your hea
by: Marshall Pesta | 0 views
Marne Forward view on tube online.

Marne Forward

This edition features stories on Sfc. Paul Smith who in April 2003 gave his life for Soldiers in the 3rd Infantry Division, life at a patrol base southwest of Baghdad, Soldiers of the 511 Military Police Company working with Iraqi police to improve security, the Rakasans at patrol base Shanghai handing out gifts from a dead Soldier's family to the people in the village where he died and a spin-off band from the 3rd Infantry Division band called Premium Blend that covers a premium blend of music styles.
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Nabbing Bad Guys view on tube online.

Nabbing Bad Guys

Multinational Forces and Iraqi National Guard raiding a house and searching trucks and cars. Scenes include Soldiers detaining individuals who have tested positive for handling explosives and possessing some heavy firepower, Iraqi children enjoying the company of one soldier. The joint patrol in Operation Sykes Hammer is in response to suspected anti-Iraqi forces that may have crossed the border from Syria and hide within the city of Tal Afar
by: ubdumb | 3303 views
2009-01-08 | 2013-12-13
Strange Lights In Iraq Sky view on tube online.

Strange Lights In Iraq Sky

A soldier captures some cool looking lights hovering over the Iraqi sky.
by: DeathWish808 | 4632 views
2008-01-05 | 2013-11-21
Stupid U.S. Navy Corpsman view on tube online. 02:07

Stupid U.S. Navy Corpsman

Ok, once and for all... why the title? Watch the video carefully and understand that when others saw this corpsman (or medic) saving the life of this Iraqi soldier they thought he was stupid by doing that---hence, the title. But we all know (Shit! I know!) that's what we do as U.S. Navy Corpsman. We don't see colors, we just see a human being. -Stupidboy80, U.S. Navy Corpsman (since 2000)
by: stupidboy80 | 253637 views
2011-08-11 | 2013-11-12
partyboy iraqi style 5 view on tube online.

partyboy iraqi style 5

soldier in fishnets, a thong made of issue briefs and aluminum tape, mixed with a camera and music... scary mix... i have no shame
by: jdtrailertrash | 980 views
2007-05-24 | 2013-11-11
Scaring Iraqi Children view on tube online.

Scaring Iraqi Children

Soldier gives away all the candy he has, to the children and they keep coming back for more, so he scares the crap out of them.
by: gizbo1328 | 1789 views
Soldier helps 12-year-old Iraqi girl get new legs view on tube online. 04:39

Soldier helps 12-year-old Iraqi girl get new legs

BAGHDAD (May 8, 2008) - Staff Sgt. Luis Falcon, 38, escorts 12-year-old Shahad Abbas and her mother to Baghdad aboard a U.S. Army Blackhawk helicopter, so that the young girl can receive her prosthetic legs. Falcon, a New Yorker from 1st battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment, 4th Stryker Brigade Combat
by: Navy Visual News Service | 0 views
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