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up the military

Police kill drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro   view on tube online.

Police kill drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro 

Military police invades Rola II favela in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, is the seizure of weapons, drugs and kills traffickers.
by: Andrezovsky | 10944 views
Suspect kills police officer   view on tube online.

Suspect kills police officer 

Death of Soldier Military Police, Alexandre Aparecido dos Santos, 36 years old, was spotted by a resident in the set Novo Horizonte, Floresta neighborhood in the capital, The garrison was routine patrol in combating drug trafficking in the region when ordered to stop a vehicle, whose driver did not obey and went on the run. After a few minutes the police chase, police managed to intercept the vehicle and approached the driver and passengers. At the time of approach, Kenned Magellan would hav
by: ANDREWBARAO | 2202 views
2016-08-16 | 2016-09-13
LNR. Tank Battalion...ANNA-News footage    view on tube online.

LNR. Tank Battalion...ANNA-News footage  

There is still potentional threat from Kyjev to invade Donbass again so this tank excercise tests the LNR military’s rapid response capabilities and combat readiness... Two years ago Ukrainian army was not able to deal with load of workers and farmers...Now they´ve become a real army so good luck with that Ukrainian Army..:-D
by: ethicon | 740 views
2016-08-30 | 2016-08-30
Shooting, in the middle of downtown between bandits and police military in Brazil. view on tube online.

Shooting, in the middle of downtown between bandits and police military in Brazil.

Robbery at ATM A car stopped in the middle of an intersection of Av. Giovanni Gronchi, close to C & C. From within, out four armed bandits with rifles. Meanwhile, the incompetent Governor Geraldo Alckmin slept comfortably protected by the military police to no more than two kilometers. Two police officers were injured during the action.
by: Sentynelle | 2424 views
2016-05-01 | 2016-06-10
Al-Qasam Brigades presents:Behind enemy lines the Abu mtaibak military base takedown.Preview.       view on tube online.
2015-07-16 | 2016-04-26
This slut wants more view on tube online. 20:17

This slut wants more

You served your country proudly in the military and while you don't miss all the drills you do miss some of the drilling you did when you were stationed overseas. Let this actress bring back all those fond memories by showing off her oral fixation and r
2015-01-28 | 2016-04-22
Crafting body parts with 3D printing view on tube online.

Crafting body parts with 3D printing

At the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, custom prosthetic attachments, cranial-facial implants and surgical models are constantly being churned out, layer by layer, in an additive manufacturing process commonly referred to as 3D printing.
by: mrgod2u | 1943 views
2013-07-17 | 2016-04-13
The tornado weather of Texas view on tube online. 01:25

The tornado weather of Texas

Tornado's were in the area of our military base in texas, this is the video i took of the base getting hammered with hail from my 4th story dorm room
by: John Mack | 0 views
New Army Of Two 40th Day Trailer view on tube online. 0:56

New Army Of Two 40th Day Trailer

Army Of Two 40th Day: The sequel to the 2008 multi-platinum co-op shooter sees the return of the ultimate two-man private military team,the two must work as a team to survive. 8th Jan 2010 (EU) 12th Jan 2010 (US) Distributed by Tubemogul.
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17.11.2014 America unleashes World War III   view on tube online.

17.11.2014 America unleashes World War III 

French expert in geopolitics and macroeconomics Jacques Sapir believes that the G20 summit showed the US desire to divide the world into two camps Meanwhile, NATO is strengthening its military bases in the eastern regions, hiding behind accusatory statements about "excessive" activity of Russian troops bombs instead of peace - this is American style ..
by: ygfront | 721 views
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