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try not to pee

Boobs, Pussy, and Piss! view on tube online. 03:47

Boobs, Pussy, and Piss!

Yay! So many exciting things! Peeing, making a mess all over my rug and not caring, rubbing my pee all over myself because I'm a dirty girl... showing off my boobs and my clean-shaven pussy... mm! Yes, I know the video quality is poor. So is the lighting. Just wanted to share some raw passion. Will try to make better quality videos in the future. At least no one's getting dizzy from this one! ;)
pee diary pt. 3 view on tube online. 01:57

pee diary pt. 3

OK, so I peed some at about 11. I still had to pee when I got on my bus at noon, but managed to hold it until 4. I tried to hold on just a little longer, and you can see me leaking at the start. It felt so good to be so focused on my pussy all day! I peed again when I got home about 7:30. I'm going to try not to pee before bed tonight and see if I can make it till morning. But just thinking about it makes me horny and want to pee!
Pee on my asshole view on tube online. 0:31

Pee on my asshole

Request from some nasty boys here, I try to pee right on my asshole laying on the floor, not that easy but a little pss and ass
skirt desperation view on tube online. 04:06

skirt desperation

trying very very hard not to pee...then I try to stand still,legs apart no touching ...that was much harder...the need to press my hands deep into my pee hole was huge.
Doggie Dish (The Doggie Dish) on Myspace view on tube online.

Doggie Dish (The Doggie Dish) on Myspace

How do you train your dog to not pee in the house? We’ve come a long way from spreading newspaper on the floor. There are many ways to try, but which is the best path to take? Belly bands, den areas, potty pads and crate training are all interesting options; but which is the best for you and your dog? Bernie Berlin, Chris Perondi and Dr. Robyn Barbiers help with those questions and more in this episode of “The Doggie Dish.”
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