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the little bear movie

A Song is Born (subbed) view on tube online.

A Song is Born (subbed)

A video I put together using The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Brother Bear, and Lady and the Tramp clips to the song "A Song is Born" by Ayumi Hamasaki and Keiko. I made this as a 9/11 tribute, and as a tribute to our beautiful planet on 9/11/08. I just now found this video again in my Windows Movie Maker project files, and decided to put some subtitles on it and upload it here. Hope you like it! ^_^
2009-02-26 | 2013-06-08
Robin Hood - Bojangles (explicit Lyrics) view on tube online. 04:32

Robin Hood - Bojangles (explicit Lyrics)

Here's a video I made using clips from Disney's movie Robin Hood to the song Bojangles by Pit Bull and Lil John. I got the idea from knowing Little John is the bear character in this movie, and I had a little fun with it. The song is uncensored, so please don't show it to your kids because of the cussing in the song. It's a funny video, and I hope you enjoy it!
2007-03-26 | 2013-02-08
FRED VS. TED view on tube online. 0:37


Fred The Bear Is a little salty towards his cousin Ted For landing a role in his first Movie " Ted " THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING ! Want More Of JamJamBigLow ? ...
by: JamJamBigLow | 32807 views
2012-06-28 | 2012-08-12
Opening to The Rugrats Movie (Cookie Jar Home Video UK Print) 1999 VHS view on tube online. 03:01

Opening to The Rugrats Movie (Cookie Jar Home Video UK Print) 1999 VHS

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! Here's the order:1. FBI warning screens2. Beware of Illegal Video Cassettes promo3. Nicktoons TV advert4. Tomb Raider trailer5. Now Available to Rent on Video6. Little Bear Videos trailer7. CatDog short8. Feature Presentation 9. Paramount Pictures logo10. Nickelodeon logo
by: RyantheMovieKid | 7078 views
2012-06-20 | 2012-07-09
Combat of The 300 Spartans - Ancient Greek Pankration view on tube online. 07:40

Combat of The 300 Spartans - Ancient Greek Pankration

Part 1 of 2 - Your Greek News' Anastasia meets up with the founder of the Armak Spartan Pankration Academy, one of the most historically accurate sources of combat knowledge for the hit movie '300', where she learns a little bit about what it meant to bear the lambda at the battle of Thermopylae. Look for Part 2 where Anastasia takes a turn learning to fight like a Spartan.
by: atubanos | 383 views
2007-07-31 | 2012-05-20
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