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the limit movement

Why not Socialism? view on tube online.

Why not Socialism?

As you'll see I could usually talk coherently for hours about the labour movement. I was cut off because I had 10 minute time limit but I really wanted to close by saying that why do you seek to vilify socialist tendencies instead of allying with them as populist movements have done throughout American history? I may do a part two.
by: ComradeZero | 3826 views
2010-06-18 | 2013-10-31
mumra everliving (Mumra) on Myspace view on tube online.

mumra everliving (Mumra) on Myspace

M14 red dot. Free for all. Airstrike was called in but i was so close to bringing in the 'bird' :'( In fact by the time i got the opportunity for the 2nd time of calling in the chopper I ended the game by achieving the Score limit! Oh the irony. One thing i will say about this game was learning a bit more about cornering yourself and being more aware that you still have full range of movement in said corner. It could make the difference between life and death.
2008-04-08 | 2012-07-02
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