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the dog

The arm wrestling dog - The Great Kiko view on tube online. 0:44

The arm wrestling dog - The Great Kiko

Kiko is the undisputed champ and also well known for his tenacity Due to high demand and thanks to our friends at, we are working on putting to...
by: sosaeshghillc | 538730 views
2010-12-14 | 2012-08-12
Corbin and Lucy Clark view on tube online. 01:11

Corbin and Lucy Clark

the dog freaked him out
by: clark6250 | 20 views
2011-03-08 | 2012-08-11
W.H. Auden's Stop all the clocks (Four Weddings and a Funeral ) (Music by me) view on tube online. 03:27

W.H. Auden's Stop all the clocks (Four Weddings and a Funeral ) (Music by me)

W.H. Auden Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring out the...
by: DLBOSTOK | 149886 views
2010-07-03 | 2012-08-11
Slow Burn Hatha Yoga view on tube online. 04:48

Slow Burn Hatha Yoga - A moderate Hatha class with a slightly more challenging sequence of postures leading to a very relaxing Savasana. A balanced class, blending stretch and strengthening, a great slow build that will make you sweat while still eliciting a state of deep relaxation. When flowing with breath through movements like dancing dog, always work with the core engaged to support the lower back.
by: MyYogaOnline | 176 views
2011-09-30 | 2012-08-11
Bella the Dog view on tube online.

Bella the Dog

Bella the Dog video at Watch, comment, rate & share Bella the Dog and other videos now!
by: hartistry | 253 views
2007-09-24 | 2013-08-26
Ginger The Human Dog Eating Cereal view on tube online.

Ginger The Human Dog Eating Cereal

Finally, another human dog they can get together and make even more hideously deformed offspring!
by: melnino | 163 views
2010-05-18 | 2013-08-26
OffSpring view on tube online.


OffSpring The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, New York, NY June 26, 2004 James Sturm's Carousel: Cartoon slide show screening at MOCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) Art Festival, New York City. OffSpring, 8 min. cartoon slide show about an alien and a dog's procreative releationship. Music by Ernesto Diaz-Infante (acoustic steelstring guitar, thumb piano, small cymbals). Production by Marjorie Sturm video clip ©2004 by purplemaze productions/Marjorie Sturm
2007-01-18 | 2012-09-12
Desert storm dog fighting f15 fighter jet view on tube online.

Desert storm dog fighting f15 fighter jet

Those russian jets didn't work too well for the Iraqi's against the USAF
by: turkeychuck | 1326 views
Cat and Dog funny (get out of my bed) view on tube online. 0:27

Cat and Dog funny (get out of my bed)

A cheeky cat (Babe) lays in the dog's bed! Doggy (Rudy) desperately trying to find a way to get the cat out of it! Pretty rediculus! Not a common cat vs dog ...
by: Ziotinozioto | 10 views
2007-03-15 | 2012-08-11
jack contacts the FBI view on tube online. 0:31

jack contacts the FBI

The clip jack contacts the FBI from Black Dog (1998)
by: Anyclip | 72 views
2011-09-08 | 2012-08-11
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