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the army wants you

Army Lt. Col. Greg Gadson Gets Bionic Legs view on tube online.

Army Lt. Col. Greg Gadson Gets Bionic Legs

This morning on Fox & Friends, Army Lt. Col. Greg Gadson was on to show off his bionic legs, otherwise known as "power knees." What a hero this guy is! Col. Gadson is also a co-captain of the NY Giants, and if his warrior spirit tells us anything, his war wounds will not stop this man from anything he wants to do. God bless you, Col. Gadson. And God bless America.
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SAA Patrol : Raid! Seizures, prisoners, firefight, view on tube online.

SAA Patrol : Raid! Seizures, prisoners, firefight,

In this episode of Syrian Arab Army Patrol : Raid! Parents ask the age old question to authorities who are taking their kid away "Hey, what did my boy do and where are you taking him?". We're offered a chance to shoot a big gun, a boy who wants to be a man is sent back to be a boy, men who wish they were boys are not sent back, and a man finds his story ends between a couple of floors in a war torn desert setting.
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2012-08-21 | 2013-10-30
IDF and US marines train in urban warfare view on tube online.

IDF and US marines train in urban warfare

IDF soldiers in squad-commanders course train with US marines in urban warfare in the "Baladia" training facility. Baladia is the name given to the 7.4-square-mile generic Arab city built in the Negev desert (a smaller version of the Army’s Joint Readiness Training Center). If anyone wants to translate.. god bless you.
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2010-09-27 | 2012-06-17
The Army Wants You view on tube online.

The Army Wants You

Korean war veteran Benson gets a cryptic message from the Army, which shows an alarming interest in his present health.
1980-05-01 | 2012-12-23
The army wants you view on tube online. 02:59

The army wants you

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