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smash car

ATM Smash and grabs Heads view on tube online.

ATM Smash and grabs Heads

Tie a tow rope to the towing bar,drive off and you have the cash. Sadly caught and rammed by the Police. Dramatic footage which shows the moment a group of bungling burglars made off with thousands of pounds after fixing a tow rope from the car.Funny as!
by: wackjonny | 1159 views
2014-10-02 | 2014-10-04
Car Smash Fail view on tube online.

Car Smash Fail

by: billydakid1975a | 172875 views
2011-04-11 | 2014-09-01
Man Leaves Wife to the Mercy of Cops view on tube online. 07:06

Man Leaves Wife to the Mercy of Cops

A criminal couple shoot at police and try to escape the cops. A few shots from the cops blow out their tire. Eventually they lose control of their car at 100 mph and smash into the roadside barrier.
by: My Video Rights | 424 views
2010-03-27 | 2014-01-23
Car Window Smash Fail On Live TV view on tube online.

Car Window Smash Fail On Live TV

by: VicRock | 126683 views
2011-10-22 | 2013-12-08
Woman Almost Completely Misses Exit view on tube online.

Woman Almost Completely Misses Exit

After watching two cars properly exit the premises, this woman decides to take a more creative approach and smash her way through. I think she has just enough of her car remaining to take a second run at it.
by: pappas21 | 1070 views
Drug Addict Car Theft view on tube online.

Drug Addict Car Theft

by: PaulRevered | 2231 views
Car Crashes Into Crowd view on tube online.

Car Crashes Into Crowd

Super-car smash up Dramatic video shows moment at least 17 people injured, including children, after it crashes into crowd during rally in Poland
by: gable1939 | 3579 views
sketching cars view on tube online. 0:38

sketching cars

funny cant reli see it but i smash into back of car lol
by: I love you So much donna | 0 views
Ultimate Car Smash view on tube online.

Ultimate Car Smash

This is what's going to happen to all the faceless people on Ebaums.
by: Disturbed01 | 2278 views
Stealing A Taxi In Japan. view on tube online.

Stealing A Taxi In Japan.

The video comes from security cameras set up inside the car. Apparently the vehicle was left with its keys in the ignition, so all the criminal (35-year-old Hiromori Kim) had to do was smash the window, open the door, and drive off. The taxi driver, who was probably having a smoke nearby, shouts and chases after his vehicle. After recklessly driving a safe distance away, the thief finds searches the car and some cash. Kim was later arrested. Police believe he may have been involved in other thefts.
by: barnesy | 5164 views
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