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sister in bus

me dez an sister view on tube online. 0:17

me dez an sister

on the bus
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'Nuns on the Bus' Gets DNC Speaking Slot view on tube online. 02:14

'Nuns on the Bus' Gets DNC Speaking Slot

Sister Simone Campbell, who lead a 2,700 mile journey called "Nuns on the bus," spoke at the Democratic convention Wednesday, saying "I am my sister's keeper. I am my brother's keeper." (Sept. 5)Copyright 2012 The Associated Press
by: associatedpress | 103 views
2012-09-06 | 2013-10-04
Simone Campbell view on tube online.

Simone Campbell

Sister Simone Campbell discusses her "Nuns on the Bus" tour and explains how Paul Ryan's budget battle fails the poor.
2012-12-14 | 2012-12-23
Cinderella's Sister _ Episode 4 view on tube online. 0:30

Cinderella's Sister _ Episode 4

Cinderella's Sister series page at Hulu.comBefore leaving, Ki-hoon leaves a letter for Eunjo saying that if she stops him at the train station he will stay. Hyo-seon hides the letter from Eunjo, who looks for Ki-hoon at the bus station.
by: hulu | 181 views
2010-10-21 | 2012-09-23
Decision 2012 _ Paul Ryan, Catholics and Ayn Rand view on tube online. 04:59

Decision 2012 _ Paul Ryan, Catholics and Ayn Rand

Decision 2012 series page at Hulu.comMSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell and Nuns on the Bus leader, Sister Simone Campbell, discuss how Paul Ryan will mesh his faith with his admiration of atheist Ayn Rand's economic philosophy.
by: hulu | 23 views
2012-08-14 | 2012-08-27
Sister's bus guide view on tube online. 1:12:00

Sister's bus guide

Magical Hentai Bus Adventure, GO!! view on tube online. 03:10

Magical Hentai Bus Adventure, GO!!

It's my two favorite things. Hentai and the Magic School Bus. What's not to love? You tell me. Edit: The name of the hentai is "Aneki my Sweet Elder Sister, episode 1". Now shut up, please and thanks.
by: DaintyCutThroat | 7775 views
2010-06-08 | 2014-02-19
Lego Star Wars Subways Lego Commercial view on tube online. 03:36

Lego Star Wars Subways Lego Commercial

Yea i just made this in a few hours yea i got the idea while i was riding on the bus when my friends were singing the five dollar foot long song so i hope you like it and also i will be making some action videos like me and my sister or somebody else fighting and i might do some lip singing videos again And i give credit for the elevator music from family guy's blue harvest thank you
2009-03-05 | 2012-07-14
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