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MovieDay Series: The Visitor view on tube online. 05:16

MovieDay Series: The Visitor

This is the second film in the MovieDay Series. The purpose of the series was to train the crew of DK PRO for their first big project (152). The Visitor is a short ghost story about the times when you feel you aren't alone, cuz maybe you really arent'! Enjoy!
by: Darryl Knickrehm | 0 views
Dark Justice - Director's Cut (1) view on tube online. 01:20

Dark Justice - Director's Cut (1)

This is the first video short that I made for my High School Filmmaking class in 2000. I completed it in four days by myself from pre-production (story, storyboard, shotlist, location scouting) to post-production (editing, video-transfer). I had no special equipment or training in film at the time
by: NEW YORK Hotter | 0 views
Story Telling Made Easy view on tube online. 03:35

Story Telling Made Easy

A short presentation on Aquafadas' Team made with PulpMotion PRO beta
by: Aquafadas | 206 views
2010-05-31 | 2015-12-26
School girl Halle Von convinced to have sex with a stranger for money view on tube online. 06:24

School girl Halle Von convinced to have sex with a stranger for money

Blonde petite school girl Halle Von was on her way home from school when a guy came up to her. To make a long story short this guy convinced Halle Von to have sex for money while everything was recorded POV style. You gotta see this!
2014-10-21 | 2015-06-19
Story of virginie sample view on tube online. 0:41

Story of virginie sample

A short sample from dorcel movie
2008-05-19 | 2016-07-18
Cockle Pickers - Short Film Trailer view on tube online. 05:31

Cockle Pickers - Short Film Trailer

Set in 2009, the short film Cockle Pickers follows the story of 15 year old Katy; a lone explorer who was left behind during the evacuations before a nuclear war. written and directed by Nick Gillespie.
by: cockleproductions | 3991 views
2007-10-20 | 2015-02-19
The Tracey Ullman Simpsons Short: Bart's Little Fantasy view on tube online. 01:24

The Tracey Ullman Simpsons Short: Bart's Little Fantasy

Bart tells a story about a planet where the children are the parents and the parents are the children.
by: Kate Corbett | 178 views
2011-11-07 | 2015-01-15
Tsutomu Nihei - Halo - Breaking Quarantine - (Gmv) view on tube online. 03:22

Tsutomu Nihei - Halo - Breaking Quarantine - (Gmv)

Sergeant Avery Johnson versus a virulent force of nature that badly wants his flesh. A Graphic Music Video of a short story from the Marvel Comics "Halo". Music by Daft Punk - Human after all [Alter Ego Remix].
by: kaosgumi | 1627 views
2008-03-09 | 2014-12-28
English Expression to Talk About Not Talking view on tube online. 10:55

English Expression to Talk About Not Talking In this video you'll hear a short story about a problem with my voice. You'll also learn an English expression that will be useful when you can't talk.
by: Carl Kwan | 396 views
2010-05-13 | 2014-12-24
AtoMic domhnall's CYBERPUNK: Prologue view on tube online. 0:55

AtoMic domhnall's CYBERPUNK: Prologue

Delve deeper into the mind of the enigmatic protagonist of AtoMic domhnall's CYBERPUNK in this succinct, stylish short that precedes the 14-minute story in the first chapter of AtoMic domhnall's CYBERPUNK.
by: Adam MacDonald | 0 views
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