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short cut

Dragon (Apparition) view on tube online. 05:05

Dragon (Apparition)

the next installment in my "etheral" project... I have a blog with lyrics to go to it... it was cut short (thanks mom) but mostly I just made the vid so I remember how it is played
by: ジェレミー ベンジャミン | 0 views
Coheed & Cambria - Welcome Home view on tube online. 0:30

Coheed & Cambria - Welcome Home

Live at the Warped Tour 2007 in Atlanta, GA. I had to cut it short because of crowd surfers. Also, the audio is a little distorted when he sings because I was so close to the speakers.
by: adam aultman | 0 views
Dark Justice - Director's Cut (1) view on tube online. 01:20

Dark Justice - Director's Cut (1)

This is the first video short that I made for my High School Filmmaking class in 2000. I completed it in four days by myself from pre-production (story, storyboard, shotlist, location scouting) to post-production (editing, video-transfer). I had no special equipment or training in film at the time
by: NEW YORK Hotter | 0 views
Mentalism & Magic Secrets Revealed view on tube online. 10:33

Mentalism & Magic Secrets Revealed Astonishing 'Insider' Short-Cut Secrets To Total Mastery Of Magic & Mentalism Finally Revealed By Notorious "Secret Weapon Of The Stars" Who Scares Other Pros...By Quickly Turning Even 12-Year-Old Rookies Into Monster Magicians & Mentalism Masters Almost Overnight Do you want to know more?
by: Guacuco | 70 views
2010-09-06 | 2015-12-10
World Trade Center Support Columns Cut With Shaped Charges. Viv view on tube online. 08:57

World Trade Center Support Columns Cut With Shaped Charges. Viv

This short clip shows the core box columns from the WTC buildings that had perfectly cut angles & molten residue along the edges of these sharp cuts. Further evidence of explosive devices within the twin towers.
by: parkerjax | 221690 views
2007-02-26 | 2015-06-04
a hot short hair and a cut face view on tube online. 12:52

a hot short hair and a cut face

short hair and cute face
2015-05-17 | 2015-12-04
who-oo-oooo - a short-silent-video-dreamscape view on tube online. 01:38

who-oo-oooo - a short-silent-video-dreamscape

first cut - first clip from who-oo-oooo - remixed from its original version (1999) featuring Laylage Courie and Marta Werner. Produced by Cine-Majik-Design 2008.
by: Sabina Maja Angel | 0 views
Immortal soldierz Cinco De Mayo 2008 Fort worth view on tube online. 04:04

Immortal soldierz Cinco De Mayo 2008 Fort worth

a piece of the show since they cut us short.
by: FOLLOW ME | 0 views
nessa bitching about toms new hair cut :P view on tube online. 0:18

nessa bitching about toms new hair cut :P

ness; tom got a hair cut sana; i know sana; howd you know? nessa: nick told me and he said he's got it short on the sides *hahahaha* nessa; arhh he probably looks like a f**kn..... dont take a video of me.. f**k off *puts middile finger up* nessa; fooda fooda fooda ness; are you gona put the
by: Oksana .. | 0 views
My family dancing w Joey Page!!! view on tube online. 02:50

My family dancing w Joey Page!!!

Joey pulled my mom and my 2 aunts up on the stage with a bunch of other moms and danced with them to his song "Tainted Love"! my mom is the short on in the green shirt my one aunt is the one with the short cut hair and glasses next to her and my other aunt is the one tryin to hide in the back wearin
by: Chyan Etheredge | 0 views
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