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Shocking Footage Shows Crocodile Cannibal   view on tube online.

Shocking Footage Shows Crocodile Cannibal 

Australian photographer Anthony Moore was touring Kruger National Park in South Africa on December 16, when he stopped to enjoy the view of a river. As he watched, however, Anthony spotted a crocodile with something in its mouth. He was stunned to discover that it was actually the carcass of another croc. Anthony says that the smaller crocodile was already dead by the time he had arrived, but probably not for long. Credit: YouTube/Anthony Moore
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Terrorist view on tube online. 0:40


This Film Is Based On A True Story - Every Shocking Detail Actually Happened! Black terrorists hold the inhabitants of a tiny desert settlement hostage. They murder most of the settlers but spare a beautiful white woman and her son. She escapes in a hale of gunfire and a chase ensues over the mountains of Africa. Based on a true story. 
by: MVDfilm | 7 views
2011-10-23 | 2012-06-16
Sponsor a child | shocking scene of three starving kids in africa part 2 view on tube online. 11:15

Sponsor a child | shocking scene of three starving kids in africa part 2

Sponsor a child a child today - starvation poverty and famine is a fact in most parts of africa and it is upto us to help and aid these kids as much as we ca...
by: TrivaniNZ | 17936 views
2010-09-16 | 2012-06-03
Latim - Circumcised - Obřezaná view on tube online. 02:20

Latim - Circumcised - Obřezaná

This is a trailer of one very shocking documentary movie about Africa women circumcision. The whole movie is coming up in weeks from now. Just follow www.fil...
by: MrROBERTROBINSON | 2764 views
2011-08-04 | 2012-05-30
The Nile Crocodile - Wild Africa - BBC view on tube online. 02:58

The Nile Crocodile - Wild Africa - BBC

In this shocking footage from the BBC Wild Africa series, a crocodile tries to attack a herd of buffalo, without success. Visit for a...
2010-01-22 | 2013-04-20
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