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robin and starfire

Starfire and Robin - The Real Kiss view on tube online. 02:34

Starfire and Robin - The Real Kiss

The clip that everyone seems to be talking about (Well all Teen Titans fans who love Star/Rob). The kiss from the movie. Set-up: Star and Robin have been dancing around the topic of them as a couple all movie. Robin says that he's a hero and can be nothing more, Star gets sad. Titans beat the bad guy and then.......(Roll Clip).
2007-01-06 | 2012-08-13
Starfire & Robin - First Kiss view on tube online. 04:24

Starfire & Robin - First Kiss

This is my tribute to the best animated couple eva!! (to me) Robin and Starfire!! :D Please comment and rate! ^^ Song: First Kiss Artist: Mandy Moore Srry the video quality isn't all that great; the quality was like that when i downloaded the episodes. :( Hope you like!!
by: DarkMagix13 | 3980 views
2008-07-15 | 2013-10-04
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