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piss boy

SCISSOR BOY   view on tube online.


Friend of ours always passes out after he's been on a bender drinking wine or spirits. Sometime's we'll find him passed out naked on the couch, or going into a bedroom to hang a piss as he thinks it's the toilet. So it's only semi right we got him back one. So here is one of many video's to come of Scissor Boy.
by: bobdabob | 1050 views
2015-12-25 | 2016-01-13
Physiological Warrior view on tube online.

Physiological Warrior

After I share this with you, your going to understand the boy is just fine. He may be a bit confused but nothing of the sickness light you people "paint" him in....some of you will laugh, some of you will puke, but all of you will enjoy this video.....I hope it doesn't get rejected! After all, you can piss on camera and it goes to the top of the page, right? Freedom of Speech? I hope:)
by: 113 | 7066 views
2010-07-30 | 2015-06-22
Bad boy's like you have to be whipped view on tube online. 09:45

Bad boy's like you have to be whipped

What the fuck did you just say to me? Did you really just ask if you could take a piss? You don’t get to ask what you can and can’t do, you just do what I tell you. I am going to whip your pathetic ass.
Kim is a hot little slut view on tube online. 18:04

Kim is a hot little slut

Kim Kummings is a hot little number who got into porn to piss off her rich dad, and boy did she succeed. She also sucks a lot of seed in her scenes and shows us why the guys liked doing scenes with her. She's got some great blowjob skills and a tight puss
2012-12-04 | 2014-10-27
Pissing into sub-boy’s mouth view on tube online. 10:04

Pissing into sub-boy’s mouth

This 18-yr-old submissive boy wanted it the hard way – no problem! I gave it to him hard and heavy, pissed on him and humiliated him! I even made him gargle my piss and shoot his load over my boots.. and boy did he enjoy licking them clean!! I let him eat my pussy afterwards.. Awesome femdom clip!
I love to wet my pants! view on tube online. 0:30

I love to wet my pants!

This is my first video, so i was a bit nervous. Plus, my camera cut out way too early, boy did I piss those jeans!
Slut Wife Gets Bent Over Hood Of VW view on tube online. 02:00

Slut Wife Gets Bent Over Hood Of VW

I'm such a little slut I stopped at my boy friend's house before going home to my husband. He bent me over the hood of his car and I let him piss all over my ass and fuck me hard, as i'm on the phone with my hubby telling him i'll be home in 10 minutes.
6 yo boy says his piss hole was sealed with glue by teacher when crying out of pain view on tube online.
Hey Dog, Urine My Yard view on tube online.

Hey Dog, Urine My Yard

This neighbor doesn't take shit or piss in his yard. So he just does what any eithical person would do pees on the dog taking pees in his yard. So far he's done this five times, but after the owner gets through with him... oh boy. No dogs or porches were actaually peed on during the making of the video. Follow me on: facebook: Frankie Berns
by: FrankieBerns | 364 views
Piss; Someone's been a bad boy view on tube online. 07:00

Piss; Someone's been a bad boy

shemale punishes her sex slave then fucks him in the ass.
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