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pekan baru

Machete fight -Malaysia (reupload) view on tube online.

Machete fight -Malaysia (reupload)

The original video has been removed by Youtube. Since the video here is linked to Youtube a lot of complaints by people who could not see this. I have re-uploaded this video for your viewing convenience. This is taken from my browser cache. FYI, I did not upload this video to Youtube nor am I have got anything to do with this video. A group of seven machete-wielding men attacked a lone man with machete in Pasir Pekan, near Kota Baru Kelantan.
by: drkodiang | 12968 views
2012-07-13 | 2015-02-18
Kelok sembilan Pekan Baru Padang.3gp view on tube online. 02:23

Kelok sembilan Pekan Baru Padang.3gp

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