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obscure japanese

Japanese naked sushi preparation rare behind the scenes view on tube online. 03:22

Japanese naked sushi preparation rare behind the scenes

Naked Japanese sushi has always been a hotly debated urban legend for many years and although there have been quaint gatherings in posh metro hubs where models wearing little to nothing are dotted with pieces of raw fish, the real true blue Japanese version remained obscure until now
2012-08-26 | 2013-09-28
Dir En Grey - Obscure view on tube online.

Dir En Grey - Obscure

Pretty disturbing and graphic Japanese music video.
by: rommel aka himmler | 6608 views
The Berlin Wall [ベルリンの壁] Game Sample - Game Gear view on tube online. 11:23

The Berlin Wall [ベルリンの壁] Game Sample - Game Gear

The Japanese make games about some of the strangest things, don't they? The Berlin Wall (or "Berlin no Kabe") is an obscure game within the Trap-Em-Up genre ...
by: Vysethedetermined2 | 424 views
2011-04-27 | 2012-07-29
Pengabdi Setan (Part 1) view on tube online. 0:30

Pengabdi Setan (Part 1)

Pengabdi Setan is a 1980 Indonesian horror film directed by Siswono Gautama Putra, the title translates into "Satan's Slave" which is also the name of the US DVD release. It is notable for being one of the few films to substitute Christian or Buddhist-based horror themes for Muslim beliefs. It has achieved cult status among fans of Asian horror films; principally because it has been unavailable for many years except as an obscure Japanese VHS pressing with no English subtitles.
by: chavenchen | 0 views
2008-09-07 | 2012-03-31
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