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Episode 25 - Like Star Trek Without the Beard view on tube online. 04:49

Episode 25 - Like Star Trek Without the Beard

The Captain has an infinite crisis of his own when he discovers his date has an ulterior motive.
by: Captain Euchre | 0 views
F**k with The Evidence (2010 single promo) view on tube online. 04:40

F**k with The Evidence (2010 single promo)

During the photo shoot for the 2011 forthcoming album "Hellbound" The OjOutLaw band hashed out a video promo for the single "F**k with The Evidence" from the 2010 b-sides album "Dirty Motive. "F**k with The Evidence" - Released on Reverbnation and MySpace 2010. Vocals / Arrangements / Words by Dan
by: OjOutLaw | 0 views
Farmer kills attorney 03/30/2010. Brazil. view on tube online.

Farmer kills attorney 03/30/2010. Brazil.

farmer shoots 4 times his gun and kills attorney. Crime was recorded by cameras in an office in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.The motive has not yet been released.
by: Andersonpoppi | 6907 views
2010-03-30 | 2014-11-19
FORENSIC FILES: Auto-Motive view on tube online.


by: truTV | 3077 views
2011-04-29 | 2014-09-18
Jerk Off grenade! view on tube online. 03:32

Jerk Off grenade!

For whole 4 minutes, I am going to leashe you with my eyes and my hot curves, get addicted to me. I want to be the only motive why your pants are getting bulged and the only object of your endless perverted minds, the only creature that boils your nuts, for you my ass is the only to spunk all over with your ball-soup!
Tobias putting down vocals on the album view on tube online. 0:21

Tobias putting down vocals on the album

Vocals on "Rock n roll baby", LOCO MOTIVE album recording 2009-01-27.
by: LOCO MOTIVE | 0 views
RAP CHALLENGE ENTRY #475.2   'TEARIN' IT UP' view on tube online.


---well, the response could have been better for this challenge, but i thank all of you who have submitted an entry--my motive was slightly selfish--i wanted to finish some projects that i started long ago--but if nobody comes to the party--why do i have to make the punch?----i want to mention papapang who tried to give this challenge some cpr--and you still have a few days left until december 1st, the end of the challenge--again..thanks for watching--and next year --maybe we'll try yodelling ------
by: ARNOLD-R-LANE | 851 views
2013-11-27 | 2014-08-27
Motorcycle Pursuit view on tube online.

Motorcycle Pursuit

Motorcycle (Yamaha FJ 1200) eventually broke down and driver arrested. Fined $2000, licences taken away for 36 up to 60 months [depends on court verdict], 15 to 60 days in prison. Motive for evading - haven't registered the bike, so wanted to avoid $50 fine. Conclusion, f**king idiot. (Runtime 13:21, grab a popcorn)
by: euronymus | 9233 views
2014-03-11 | 2015-01-08
EMD v20 710 start up view on tube online.

EMD v20 710 start up

Starting, ramp up and full load of an EMD (Electro Motive Division) V20 710 3.5MW generator. V-20 two-stroke diesel 5000 HP. these v20 engines are used mainly for emergency backup generators that are powered up and taken to full load within 2 minutes. each cylinder has a displacement of 11.6 litres.
by: thecleaner001 | 1147 views
You can all go to hell!  My Say!   view on tube online.

You can all go to hell! My Say! 

I haven't have my coffee yet this morning and I am already being told I am going to hell.... Not Happy! =) After 7 years it took the video below to motive my first YourSay so thanks ISSOWN. See hidden message at 2:22 in video below is you want to get threatened with eternal damnation. ;comments=1 Peace Friends.... I feel better now FYI I am not Legend or Matt ;)
by: rygar777 | 572 views
2014-03-18 | 2014-03-21
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