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Night invasion of the mayflies (at the local mini-mart/gas station) view on tube online.

Night invasion of the mayflies (at the local mini-mart/gas station)

In some parts of the world, mayfly's "hatch" all at once. That is, the naiads or nymphs, crawl from the water where the adults laid eggs and molt for the 2nd to final time into the subimago or sub-adult stage. Poor flyers and not fully, sexually mature, in less than a day, they molt the final time, here amassing in some places by the millions to mate, lay eggs, and die.
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2012-12-29 | 2016-02-16
M32013Spring_elegante_PV_harunica2013_nico view on tube online. 06:30


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Return of the Cicada view on tube online.

Return of the Cicada

After spending 17 years underground, billions of cicadas will soon emerge all along the East Coast. These inch-and-a-half-long insects, which constitute a group labeled Brood II by scientists, will then molt into adults, mate, lay eggs and die in the span of a few weeks. With blood-red eyes, black bodies and orange-veined wings, cicadas haunt
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TV3 - Crackòvia - Ressaca a Baviera view on tube online. 01:57

TV3 - Crackòvia - Ressaca a Baviera

Els jugadors blaugranes es desperten després del partit contra el Bayern de Munic i es troben amb les conseqüències d'una nit molt intensa.
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2013-04-30 | 2013-10-02
2013年4月23日  MOLT-001  ノアの魔法/港乃碧 view on tube online. 01:00

2013年4月23日 MOLT-001 ノアの魔法/港乃碧

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2013-04-05 | 2013-04-19
Removing molt from taratula view on tube online.

Removing molt from taratula

Yikes! more info here:
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2012-09-20 | 2012-10-19
20090807 Picos de Europa - Vega Urriellu - Campament SAME 2009, via Nani al Picu Urriellu view on tube online.

20090807 Picos de Europa - Vega Urriellu - Campament SAME 2009, via Nani al Picu Urriellu

Via Nani a la cara Est del Picu Urriellu. Sortint del diedre amb preses invertides, de Vº, que ve després del V . La roca era molt millor del que semblava des de sota.
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2009-09-09 | 2013-10-01
How I Feed Muffin view on tube online.

How I Feed Muffin

This is the step-by-step process of how I feed my tarantula, Muffin, in case any of you were wondering. And no, the cricket keeper is not full of dead crickets. Crickets molt just like spiders, and they leave a lot of skins for me to clean up
2007-03-09 | 2012-10-11
Qui sóc jo? view on tube online. 04:48

Qui sóc jo?

La família Renom es reuneix a Ripollet per compartir històries familiars i enllaçar les seves genealogies. Amb molt d'ajut i sort, el reporter Pere Renom aprofita per fer recerques genealògiques i anàlisis facials i genètiques.
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2012-09-26 | 2012-09-26
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