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male rape

Funny commercial made in japan,Sexy Japanese Commercials view on tube online. 09:32

Funny commercial made in japan,Sexy Japanese Commercials

Sexy Japanese Commercials .The Japanese love to use hot women in their commercials. Is it an effective form of advertising. We think so..think if anyone had to pick one race of Asian on the planet to be the horniest, it'd have to be the Japanese. More specifically, the Japanese male. Besides being the land of hentai, JAV, and tentacle rape, why else are the Japanese the horniest/most perverted humans on the planet? Just take a look at these five Japanese commercials.
by: funnycommercialadson | 3169 views
2013-08-13 | 2013-10-16
Demons made teenager not go to school view on tube online.

Demons made teenager not go to school

It's been a while since i gave you a TB Joshua from SCOAN Ministries in Nigeria. In this clip a seemingly normal teenage male is under the power from an evil spirit who makes him do wicked things. It is murder? Rape? No this demon made the boy....skip school!!
by: KillerOfTheSun | 456 views
2013-06-23 | 2013-06-24
Detroit - alleged rape prompts nursing home to suspend black male workers view on tube online.
2012-10-11 | 2012-12-07
Bronies Invade Toys_R_Us view on tube online.

Bronies Invade Toys_R_Us

Bronies - Lonely male virgins between the ages of 15 and 55 who watch the girls' cartoon "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" either because it's cute and stupid like most things that lonely virgins fall in love with, or because they can flaunt their knowledge of the show to attract 8 year old girls to their mothers' basements for rape and cupcakes (except without the cupcakes). Thanks to Randir14 for link
by: noxomus | 7454 views
2012-11-12 | 2012-12-06
[RoyEd CD Drama] Blue Flame view on tube online. 07:11

[RoyEd CD Drama] Blue Flame

CD Drama Doujinshi Warnings: Yaoi (Male x Male), R-18, Rape, Please use headphones The people doing Ed and Roy's voices are not their original Japanese voi...
2012-04-29 | 2012-09-18
Male Sexual Abuse Sexual Abuse Rape Incest Personal Story view on tube online. 04:46
Black on White male rape in prisons view on tube online.

Black on White male rape in prisons

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