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Sing My Love (song by Kim Walker) view on tube online. 06:14

Sing My Love (song by Kim Walker)

Song: "Sing My Love" By: Kim Walker/Jesus Culture, Album: Here is my Song, Photos:, , Julie Butler (I am aware there is a typo in the lyrics) Real lyrics: "Can't hold my love FROM you". Thanks for catching it.
2008-12-14 | 2012-10-10
La Loca - Shakira Ft. El Cata - Merengue - Zumba Fitness W/ Bradley view on tube online. 03:12

La Loca - Shakira Ft. El Cata - Merengue - Zumba Fitness W/ Bradley

Love this beat that Shakira uses for this song. I believe the original is from El Cata, but she flipped it and made it even hotter. During the slow parts, it allows for some toning...I chose to do squats, but obviously anything else would go too. The chorus part is from a move that you will see Beto do when ZIN 29 comes out for my other favorite zumba song "Mueve la cadera." The verse part was inspired by Hugo.
by: efzumba | 0 views
2010-09-27 | 2012-06-10
To sir with Love. cover. Dr Norma Jean. view on tube online.

To sir with Love. cover. Dr Norma Jean.

I dedicate this song i love so much to my love one and to Lulu.
by: indigodita | 0 views
2011-07-10 | 2013-09-25
Dawn Landes Twilight view on tube online. 03:22

Dawn Landes Twilight

Video montage with a wonderful song by Dawn Landes.LyricsAnother starless lightAnother dim streetlightTurn your head just rightStreet becomes a skyShotting stars go byThey spark and they dieYou see the reason whyYou never catch them nowDrags along 'till lightStreaks of red vein the skyBut you love twilightOh, love me with your bodyI need one to holdOh, lovee me with your bodyI need one to holdTonightIn the long, dim lightStreaks of red vein your eyesDon't you love twilightTwilight
by: shadowplaypat | 0 views
2011-12-29 | 2012-06-10
AMV Request 1 view on tube online. 03:35

AMV Request 1

Title: Request One Song: Un incantesimo dischiuso tra i petali del tempo per Rina Artist: Cristina D'Avena Series:Cardcaptor Sakura Dedicated: To my friend, Renaika56 Other: <3 I love this AMV. It was kind of hard making it though, since I had trouble following the original lyrics, so it was hard following the translation. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! CCS & Song (c) to respected owners. =P
by: trainer_kelly | 1010 views
2006-11-25 | 2012-06-10
Within You - Labyrinth view on tube online. 01:28

Within You - Labyrinth

I love this song. Sorry for the crap quality, it came from my video, and I've watched the film that many times, it's been eaten. Enjoy it anyway, and David Bowie in this film, yum. His trousers.. well anyone who has seen this film will understand!
2006-05-13 | 2012-08-10
SimCity 4 : New York - Big Apple ( Its More Like the GTA IV New York ) view on tube online. 02:25

SimCity 4 : New York - Big Apple ( Its More Like the GTA IV New York )

YESSS 100.000 views ! My hometown even dosnt have so much people living in it ! Thank you all. Oh The original song for this video was sweet escape by gwen Stefanie and Akon but I did a audio swamp .This is my biggest city in the game and I love it because its so great! Its has 659 000 inhabitants and its still growing!
by: Massefect19 | 1299 views
2008-07-23 | 2012-06-10
Others | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos view on tube online.

Others | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

Video by the gothic horror metal band "Others', for the song "Turning" from the album, "Under the Sunset". "Under the Sunset", is a concept album about a man who falls in love with a vampire and the torment & sorrow that befalls him. Living with the monster he's become and the departure of his love & maker. Written and directed by Mark Dickinson. Filmed by The Bad Panda. Make up by Jessiy Allen. Starring Kendra as the Vampiress. copyright 2008 Mark Dickinson - 2008 Horror Of It All Music ASCAP
2008-10-07 | 2012-06-10
Logan Lerman Dances - Meet Bill view on tube online. 04:46

Logan Lerman Dances - Meet Bill

Song: Love Ya' by Unklejam WARNING: this video might be a little too sexy for you, especially if you're a fangirl! Sexy dance of Logan Lerman (not in history...
by: JoseGarciaVilla | 611298 views
2010-04-20 | 2012-06-10
Utopia Part 3 of 7 - Tomorrow Love view on tube online. 03:34

Utopia Part 3 of 7 - Tomorrow Love

This is the third clip from the movie Utopia. Breck Stewart is the lead singer and stars in the clip and the song featured is Tomorrow Love from his album Utopia. The track is about the passing of time, the way love has of invading our soul to the point where all we can think about is the way we feel when we're with that person. An intoxicating sense of having found the one yet, feeling like we lose control. I hate and love love at the same time. And so he says...
by: breckstewart | 1647 views
2008-11-17 | 2012-06-10
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