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kawaks using

Metal Slug Collection PC view on tube online. 09:57

Metal Slug Collection PC

This is how Metal Slug Collection for PC looks like..Enjoy alright for those people want this game so bad i suggest use Kawaks emulator instead of this one and just download the "Metal Slug Kawaks Roms" its easy using Google
2010-04-15 | 2014-03-28
Metal Slug X Perfect Game (levels 1 - 3) view on tube online. 01:00

Metal Slug X Perfect Game (levels 1 - 3)

The greatest 'run and gun' series ever made! Here's me playing Metal slug all the way to the final mission without dying at all! What's the secret?....always shoot first, always shoot fast, and never wait. I found the keyboard to be the best way to control. Played using KAWAKS emulator. No save states/cheats used.
2006-12-23 | 2012-10-16
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