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Ever dream view on tube online. 03:19

Ever dream

It's this inuyahsa and kagome vid i made based on their twisted relationship, with all the deception and manipulation, amn u gotta luv that lovers' conflict. Anyawayz it's pretty tight and u should watch it, get's good towards the end
by: Amanda Wirkus | 0 views
*!~InuYasha Must Stick Wit Kagome Forevar~!* view on tube online. 22:01

*!~InuYasha Must Stick Wit Kagome Forevar~!*

my youtube acc got deleted so ima try 2 post all my vids on myspace bc if i post dem all bak on youtube it'll look kinda okward. my 1st youtube user was AnimeGirlChelsea & my new one is AnimeGirlChelsea2. just so you know all my videos are 100% fan made and are not associated with the musical artist
by: ChelsC. Unilisterated | 0 views
AKB48 KAGOME   kimoto view on tube online. 01:02

AKB48 KAGOME kimoto

InuYasha to Kagome view on tube online. 03:17

InuYasha to Kagome

This is dedicated to my love, Kagome...(Show her this, and I'll kick yer ass, Ningen!)
by: InuYasha Higurashi | 0 views
inuyasha naruto randomness 2 view on tube online. 10:59

inuyasha naruto randomness 2

part 2 songs: Miroku-WOW(i can get sexual too)by ... (more) Added: December 02, 2007 part 2 songs: Miroku-WOW(i can get sexual too)by say anything Sango-porcelain heart by barlow girl Kagome-misery bussiness by paramore Rock Lee-Beer by psychostick Neji-you spin me right 'rou
by: Megan Moser | 0 views
Inuyasha's Love view on tube online. 03:17

Inuyasha's Love

love of kagome
by: Carlos Osnaya | 0 views
Inuyasha - Kagome's Death view on tube online. 01:33

Inuyasha - Kagome's Death

Kagome's Death - Inuyasha's Sorrow.
by: inuyashatokikyo | 0 views
2008-01-19 | 2013-11-11
Juromaru and Kageromaru view on tube online.

Juromaru and Kageromaru

Naraku's new minions, Juromaru and Kageromaru, attack Inuyasha and the gang. Koga comes to save Kagome from danger. He fights the two demons as he ...
by: InuyashaTVShow | 20 views
2009-07-28 | 2013-11-01
Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part 2 view on tube online.

Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part 2

Tokajin kidnaps Kagome from his miniature garden. Inuyasha is able to escape from the miniature garden with the help of Miroku and the others, and ...
by: InuyashaTVShow | 28 views
2009-07-28 | 2013-10-30
[UTAU newcomer] Dango Daikazoku full ver. [Yuri] UST view on tube online. 01:39

[UTAU newcomer] Dango Daikazoku full ver. [Yuri] UST

GO TO THE NEW UST VIDEO! new UST please use this instead! and post a video response to my new dango daikazoku Cover with the new UST link please! Thankies~! Well... so Yuri is no longer. He's now Sora Kagome! //runs yay my friend made a voicebank to me :) and this is my first ust too xD So this is Yuri, it is a crosdresser and some sounds is still bad. He is 15 years old and 169 cm. His thing is a strawberry and he is frutaloid nr.02
by: BloodyAngel971 | 0 views
2011-08-06 | 2013-10-28
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