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japanese bet

Food erasers #1 plus bonus extras view on tube online. 02:25

Food erasers #1 plus bonus extras

Today I'm showing u guys something different. It's my food erasers collection. I bought it at Diaso for $2 per packet. It's really cheap and I bet u can find it at ur local Japanese stationary store. There are 3 sets: 1) Japanese drinks 2) Japanese Food 3) Japanese Deserts. Thx for watching! Hope u like the vid. Pls like and subscribe! ;)
2013-06-08 | 2013-11-05
Bear Cubs Boxing view on tube online.

Bear Cubs Boxing

Those crazy Japanese are at it again. The same people who taught a monkey to roller skate have put to bear cubs in a boxing ring. When you're betting on cub boxing, never bet on the panda. Take the awesome dial and crank it to 11!
by: eyelok | 2733 views
J-Babe Feels Up Big, Green J-Balls view on tube online.

J-Babe Feels Up Big, Green J-Balls

Japanese and green balls...who knew? I bet she's going to be embarrassed for a long time.
by: xckxgoaleprcaun | 5703 views
Japanese Beer Magician view on tube online.

Japanese Beer Magician

I bet he gets all the chicks at the parties...
by: SpIderZ | 2306 views
2012-03-20 | 2012-05-18
Cork Crackshot view on tube online.

Cork Crackshot

Japanese guy is a real marksman with a champagne cork. I bet he gets all the girls
by: SeanReevesDude | 1055 views
Japanese Floor Scare view on tube online.

Japanese Floor Scare

This is a great way to scare people! Ill bet they probably wont be back there again.
by: Whitet1ger | 1240 views
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