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Koenigsegg One:1 Breaks Suzuka Lap Record - 2:17.57 view on tube online.

Koenigsegg One:1 Breaks Suzuka Lap Record - 2:17.57

Koenigsegg factory driver Robert Serwanski takes the Koenigsegg One:1 around the Suzuka circuit in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Skip to 4:20 for mad acceleration.
by: dusty_call | 2519 views
2015-05-26 | 2016-08-24
WTF New Fashion Trend In Japan view on tube online.

WTF New Fashion Trend In Japan

Lehren brings you a set of Weird True, Facts across the globe. And today's weird stories are- Costliest Brazilian sex doll, Drinking Culture, A Woman Eats 200 pies a week, Panty as a mask, Mustache Record. For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: Like our Updates: Follow our tweets:
by: Weird True Facts | 223 views
2013-03-09 | 2015-08-31
nisennenmondai LIVE!!!DVD-R view on tube online. 0:03

nisennenmondai LIVE!!!DVD-R

nisennenmondai LIVE!!!DVD-R(45min,from bijin record) now on sale in Japan
by: NISENNENMONDAI | 0 views
 Kobukuro  - Tsubomi view on tube online. 04:01

Kobukuro - Tsubomi

subtitulos español karaoke,esta presentacion fue en los 49th Japan Record Awardz 12/30/2007,sin duda kobukuro es de los mejores exponenetes de jpop hoy en dia.... subtitulado by knji.
by: kenyielmalo | 47464 views
2009-09-21 | 2014-04-14
Japan - Split Walking view on tube online.

Japan - Split Walking

Apparently this is a Guinness World Record event.
by: hobonickel | 2399 views
Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record UC 0081 PS3 view on tube online. 07:28

Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record UC 0081 PS3

One of the Opening Videos for the Newest Gundam Game that was Released in Japan following the events of the One Year War UC 0079 to the Zeon Uprising in UC 0081
by: Daniel McClelland | 0 views
WOLFGANG Arise lyrics view on tube online. 04:11

WOLFGANG Arise lyrics

wolfgang - arise with lyrics Wolfgang is a Filipino heavy metal, hard rock and grunge band formed around 1992 in Manila, Philippines. Wolfgang is notable for being the only Filipino rock band to release albums in Japan and the United States and for realizing Platinum record sales in their home country.[1] The quartet went on hiatus in 2002, but reunited in 2007
by: youneveri | 1189608 views
2009-04-06 | 2013-11-14
Japanese Mascots Set World Record view on tube online.

Japanese Mascots Set World Record

Japan Sets World Record For Most Dancing Mascots
by: jihadpizza | 285 views
東北 爆風 MAX32m 平均25m( Maximum wind speed 32m average wind speed 25m) view on tube online. 01:55

東北 爆風 MAX32m 平均25m( Maximum wind speed 32m average wind speed 25m)

東北某所にてダイナミックソアリングにチャレンジ、見事に559kmの日本記録を叩き ­出した時の飛行条件。 Flight conditions when it began to beat the national record of 559km challenge, holiday, dynamic soaring in Japan.
by: dlgnage2004 | 245 views
2013-10-13 | 2013-11-09
mata kimi ni koishiteru (cover).m4v view on tube online. 03:12

mata kimi ni koishiteru (cover).m4v

My cover of the song "mata kimi ni koi shiteru" (また君に恋してる)from Fuyumi Sakamoto. The pictures are all taken in Japan, except one temple in Taiwan. Sorry for the bad record, I don't have any professionnal device. I hope you'll enjoy!
2012-10-02 | 2013-11-08
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