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i am not a robot 2

Robot Movie Review by view on tube online. 04:30

Robot Movie Review by

Eager & excited, the audience hits the theatres to watch Robot. YReach talks to the audience to know whether the movie is a complete Rajnikanth entertainer or not!
by: YReach Hyderabad | 738 views
2010-10-01 | 2015-11-28
Robot Guitar Shred view on tube online.

Robot Guitar Shred

Used to listen/jam with Allen Van wert back in the old user created yahoo guitar chat rooms way back in the day. Has a website its in the video, has a youtube channel, this was one of his first videos released displaying hes awesome creative technique for tapping. Whether you find it musical or not, its not the purpose, just a spliced video of different licks once again displaying his own technique. As a guitar player my self, i think its pretty fucking awesome.
by: barkingspiders | 581 views
2014-02-27 | 2015-01-22
RTS Labs Rescue Drone view on tube online.

RTS Labs Rescue Drone

Pars Aerial Rescue Robot. Drone Saves Lives. A quick video of a very simple idea, that of a drone which plays buoys to people in distress at sea. In the statement the drone is 4 x faster than saving lives. Obviously a drone does not replace the save lives, is just another tool to be used to assist victims of drowning and the response time in emergencies can be the difference between life and death. Credit: AV Air Films
by: tat2d | 801 views
2014-10-10 | 2015-01-02
Heidi Waters is like a sex robot view on tube online. 17:57

Heidi Waters is like a sex robot

Heidi Waters is like a sex robot. You just put her in front of the camera and she'll fuck your brains out, then egg you on to fuck her brains out in return. And it's not too hard to get excited watching this cutie bend over and stick her tight tushy out a
2014-08-25 | 2016-01-20
Robotiko Rejekto ROBOT Trailer 1 view on tube online. 01:41

Robotiko Rejekto ROBOT Trailer 1

Three robot laws... 1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as su
by: ROBOTIKO REJEKTO | 0 views
Super Robot Taisen K: Revilus: Brave Crash [Dub-Over] view on tube online. 01:14

Super Robot Taisen K: Revilus: Brave Crash [Dub-Over]

Originial video ripped by Netmonmatt Rough translation by HowlingRay Both on youtube. Basically me doing a dub over of one of the more awesome attack animations in K. It leads itself for dubbing with the sound fxs and all that jazz. Lee voice was dubbed on the fly, as my friend GTF decided not to
by: Chris Gloria | 0 views
i'm not gaining weight i'm packin' Cans,..that's Real? view on tube online. 04:45

i'm not gaining weight i'm packin' Cans,..that's Real?

Kleptophobic Robot whom spars Spamish Captcha's for Pirate Pay
by: Escape from EvoLa Mountain | 0 views
Robot Remains ( JABBAWOCKEEZ) view on tube online. 0:29

Robot Remains ( JABBAWOCKEEZ)

I tried to do this dance after only a little bit of practice so it's not entirely perfect but I hope you enjoy i t anyway :) Also remember ROBOT REMAINS!
by: Justin Borges | 0 views
Where'd all the beer go? Slowmo cookie & beer masturbation view on tube online. 02:03

Where'd all the beer go? Slowmo cookie & beer masturbation

Oct 14th 2008- One crazy ass night with buddies Kimball and Daniel and girlfriend Beth. As the beer dwindles and drunken insanity rises, the team decides to get more beer! But not before being a bunch of f#cktards on camara! Watch as I, myself, freak out about the missing beer, Daniel does the robot
by: Shawn Kerns | 0 views
Alot of ideas for the Robot Chicken creators view on tube online. 0:15

Alot of ideas for the Robot Chicken creators

These are Robot Chicken videos for the creators can get an idea. I will not sew the Robot Chicken creators if they copy me because I'm a huge fan of Robot Chicken.
by: Anthony Rasmussen | 0 views
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