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human animal

Orifice Energy view on tube online.

Orifice Energy

I created a plug that can generate energy when plugged into a human or animal orifice. The apparatus works thanks to some miniaturized children that have been inserted on the inside with a technology that I patented. When infants perceive body heat and start feeling like they are in their mother’s womb, they start producing energy, which the plug-in will turn into electricity. Voltage varies according to the orifice being used. More info and pics here:
by: Anonormale | 1245 views
Non-Human Lesbian Sex view on tube online. 01:54

Non-Human Lesbian Sex

Two female creatures have lesbian sex. A pink-haired half-human, half-animal is bound, has her nipples pinched and her pussy masturbated by a purple and blue creature.
2010-11-27 | 2016-10-05
Canada Kitty Enjoys a Shopping Bag Hammock view on tube online.

Canada Kitty Enjoys a Shopping Bag Hammock

Canadian YouTuber Paulo Frazao’s new kitten loves anything he can crawl inside and explore. This amusing footage shows the pair playiing around after Frazao returned from shopping. The kitten appears to enjoy nesting in the bag as he is carried by his human friend. He tugs on the carrier handles and lies in the plastic as though it were a hammock. We have previously seen videos of animal-lover Frazao’s kitten exploring trash cans and more. Credit: YouTube/Paulo Frazao
by: Viral Video | 670 views
007 Porn Trope #15 - Diamond Kitty view on tube online. 0:38

007 Porn Trope #15 - Diamond Kitty

#15 - "Pet!" The slut/whore behaves like an animal. By crawling, wearing a collar or a tail. This trope tells us that: she is sub-human. A sex-animal to be used.
2013-07-27 | 2016-05-19
Germany: Sex among the animal kingdom    view on tube online.

Germany: Sex among the animal kingdom  

An exhibition exploring the diversity of sex in the animal kingdom continued at the LWL Museum of Natural History in Munster on Tuesday. On display were a whole host of creatures in a wide range of sexual positions, including deers, tortoises and even hedgehogs. The exhibition also explores human sex, with modern humans and neanderthals both on display. Preparations for the exhibition, which is titled "Sex & Evolution" and covers an area of around 500 metres, started in early 2012.
by: Ruptly | 2611 views
2013-10-15 | 2014-03-28
SPERM BANK view on tube online. 0:04


My walls are already completely covered with with posters that are stuck to the wall with my sperm. No living female being, animal or human, will let me shoot my sperm inside of them. Therefore I must find new sperm related activities to become involved in.
by: Harry Habers | 0 views
Lion tacos causes uproar in Florida view on tube online.

Lion tacos causes uproar in Florida

When older and infirm, some operators of exotic animal game-preserves or wildlife-parks prefer to gain additional revenue by processing the animals into saleable game meat for human consumption. As long as processed to US Department of Agriculture specifications, it is a legal practice.
by: bgwrkr | 1069 views
2013-11-15 | 2014-11-02
Animal Vs Human view on tube online. 10:50

Animal Vs Human

very dangerous animal can't suspect what happen
by: chikabaton | 4028 views
2008-01-31 | 2013-11-27
Worlds Most Bizarre Animals view on tube online. 03:05

Worlds Most Bizarre Animals

Worlds most bizarre and funniest animals. Britain has given permission to create part-human, part-animal embryos. Has embryo research gone too far? Is this ethical ?
by: ashirwad | 44378 views
2007-09-15 | 2013-11-18
Orangutan Island - Daily Rituals view on tube online.

Orangutan Island - Daily Rituals Like human children, the orphans of Orangutan Island have favorite daily ritu...
by: AnimalPlanetTV | 41 views
2009-01-23 | 2013-11-10
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