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foreskin pain

Circumcised to Punish Masturbation, then Surgically Restored view on tube online.

Circumcised to Punish Masturbation, then Surgically Restored

Punishing masturbation is the main reason we Americans started forcibly cutting off the foreskin. Seriously. It was thought by prudish Victorian-era doctors that circumcising without anesthesia would traumatize the boy to the point where he would associate pain with his genitalia instead of pleasure which was seen as immoral at the time. See here:
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2009-02-03 | 2013-10-25
Slaves of Passion view on tube online. 10:28

Slaves of Passion

Hurt me! Humiliate Me! Bite, Bite!! Mistress takes long draws off her cigarette, ashing inside her slave's foreskin. Her dungeon is lined with tools designed to inflict pain and pleasure. If you're lucky she'll pour hot wax all over your ass right before she gives you a rough whipping! Don't miss this very rough German fetish import! Enjoy!
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