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Álbum Qadosh - Música Canalizada & Mantras Codificados (trechos) view on tube online. 09:33

Álbum Qadosh - Música Canalizada & Mantras Codificados (trechos)

Uma nova tecnologia musical espiritual para um novo tempo... Canalizar música é sentir o Eu Interno e tirar dali o que há de mais profundo em termos de criatividade sonora para fins espirituais... Codificar mantras em música é apresentar o poder das palavras em sons que curam a alma. (Paulo Steke
by: Stekel | 0 views
Single Fins & Safety Pins view on tube online. 01:01

Single Fins & Safety Pins

Music video by Japanese Motors performing Single Fins & Safety Pins. Directed by The Malloys. 2008 Vice Records
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18 view on tube online. 02:46


Cut the fins off a 12' tor**** dildo and stuck a toilet plunger in it. You can feel it pop thru when it is deep inside.
Trechos A última fortaleza view on tube online. 2:05:25

Trechos A última fortaleza

Trechos do filme "A Última Fortaleza", enfatizando o trebuchet, para fins educacionais - física: conservação de energia e lançamento oblíquo.
by: flavioscunha | 11007 views
2007-08-20 | 2014-04-18
Cupcake Rides On A Large Dolphin Balloon view on tube online. 05:55

Cupcake Rides On A Large Dolphin Balloon

Hello there! My name is cupcake and I’m a young, bubbly blonde. I hope you enjoy watching me riding on my big dolphin. Isn’t he just the prettiest balloon you have ever seen? His big fins and long tail make me so happy.
M198 Howitzer - Copperhead Mission view on tube online. 01:35

M198 Howitzer - Copperhead Mission

Firing of a M198 (155mm) Howitzer loaded with a Copperhead (laser-guided) round. I'm the guy on the left, giving the fire command. The wobbly, whistling sound after the shot comes from the guidance fins on the round. Filmed July 2004, Camp Guernsey, WY.
by: John Sleep | 0 views
Strange Sea Creatures: Psychedelic Fish view on tube online. 01:53

Strange Sea Creatures: Psychedelic Fish

A newly discovered frogfish - dubbed the psychedelic fish because of its colorful stripes - hops along the seabed by flexing its lower fins and shooting water from its gills.
Homemade Stinger Rocket Missile view on tube online. 01:25

Homemade Stinger Rocket Missile

This is called a stinger missile. They are quite easy to build. They are different from other rockets in that instead of a stick or fins to stabilize them they are gyroscopicly stabilized by the spinning of the rocket which is why the fuse comes out the side. I used black powder as a propellant. It was quite windy when I blew it off which is why it goes to the side after clearing the launch pin. I am still trying to get this perfected as I am just starting out in rocketry but I thought I would share this.
by: maug46 | 52 views
2008-03-25 | 2014-01-20
NIGE draws the curtains. Wow! view on tube online. 01:14

NIGE draws the curtains. Wow!

NIGE sips a weak lemonade shandy then draws his curtains as Trev resurrects a pathetic old joke about a pen and a piece of paper. Oh! How we laughed. Hurrah! Peppered with brief clips of FRANK FISH AND THE FINS onstage in Oxford performing their songs 'Hey it's the Fishing Season' and 'Johnny Winter
by: Nige and Trev | 0 views
Painful audition for Madison view on tube online. 06:00

Painful audition for Madison

Watch this painful audition for Madison the delectable redhead fins out her fantasies and desires are pulling towards S and M. Brutal bruising and excruciating torment delivered to this fine lady
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