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female yakuza

Love Scene from Blue Tiger of the Yakuza (feat. Virginia Madsen) view on tube online. 0:56

Love Scene from Blue Tiger of the Yakuza (feat. Virginia Madsen)

OK, let's break the last Hollywood taboo: A complete and unedited clip containing of the only love scenes in the history of Hollywood or filmmaking in general for that matter between an Asian man and a Caucasian woman. The female star is the always lovely Virginia Madsen. The male star is Toru Nakamura. The script is written by the brilliant Taka Ichise, and the film also features megastar Ryo Ishibashi.
2011-01-06 | 2012-07-04
Female Yakuza Tale (1973, Japan) view on tube online.

Female Yakuza Tale (1973, Japan)

Heroin is the contraband. Prostitutes-turned-drug-mules are the Japanese mob's new means of transporting the narcotic. Avenging angel Reiko Ike, once again, stands in the way of the Yakuza's evil machinations - wielding a blade nearly as lethal as her killer beauty. Stunning, glorious swordplay inundates this high-octane tale of gambling, smuggling and hookers gone wild.
by: smartt | 12166 views
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