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Running cutting surface car, biker beaten. view on tube online.

Running cutting surface car, biker beaten.

Young men riding a motorbike carrying two boxes on the road. Suddenly he turns, cut surface between one-way car. Ranger driver hastily stopped, midway down the bike run straight into the young man. Strong kick made him thrown off the motorcycle. Then, they to fight, punched and kicked. They only stopped after bystanders rushed to dissuade. The incident took place in the path-way 3/6 Vinh Tuy Bridge, Hanoi.
by: Ngọc Đặng | 1759 views
Alcatraz - Stats and Facts   view on tube online.

Alcatraz - Stats and Facts 

Short, sweet and very informative clip.
by: ifortesidaja | 545 views
2014-03-09 | 2014-04-12
Queen bee   view on tube online.

Queen bee 

A queen bee flew into the house looking for somewhere to build a nest.
by: Samalam | 2618 views
Goldman Sachs poster boy #2 view on tube online.

Goldman Sachs poster boy #2

as above
by: BOMBBOMBIRAN | 1787 views
2011-11-17 | 2014-02-04
F35 Flight view on tube online. 0:54

F35 Flight

Gives "Going Vertical" a whole new meaning.... WOOF!
by: SPacedog WOof | 0 views
ANNA NEWS: A brief summary of the situation in Syria for March 15   view on tube online.

ANNA NEWS: A brief summary of the situation in Syria for March 15 

ANNA News report Latest developments in Syria on March 15th: Homs attack on central prison & television tower Al Midan -- Aleppo -- pro-Assad demonstration Syrian Army found in Damascus's Sayyeda Zainab district large numbers of Israeli-made LAU rockets, body armor, advanced satellite communications systems, ammunition and medical supplies
by: Shami2012 | 2129 views
2013-03-15 | 2013-12-01
Expedition Into the Great Arctic   view on tube online.

Expedition Into the Great Arctic 

1922. Music used: Veigar Margeirsson - Mythical Hero. Veigar Margeirsson - Mythical Hero (Alt Piano). Veigar Margeirsson - Rise Above. Veigar Margeirsson - Trial by Warriors. Geoff Zanelli - Emmanuel. Magnus Christiansen, Ryan Franks - Castaway. James Dooley - Veritas.
by: euronymus | 212 views
First Flight - F35 view on tube online. 08:39

First Flight - F35

Can You Spot the Bird view on tube online.

Can You Spot the Bird

F35 Ejector seat trials - bird must have being thinking WTF
by: Dawnthief | 2018 views
Betty Boop -Little nobody view on tube online.

Betty Boop -Little nobody

by: mrskin | 1316 views
2012-02-27 | 2013-10-04
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