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First Time Vote view on tube online.

First Time Vote

More at In Greeley, Colorado, at the University of Northern Colorado, after hearing about possible long lines due to voter cards and the surprising presence of a Sherrif's Deputy, we spoke to a student who had just finished casting his first ballot.
2008-11-06 | 2013-02-22
Students in Ramadi are able to continue studying due to security improvements view on tube online.
Very Huge Car Accident in Saudi Arabia ( 80 Cars !! ) view on tube online. 02:04

Very Huge Car Accident in Saudi Arabia ( 80 Cars !! )

A Very Huge Car accident happened last week in 16 may 2007 in Dammam ( The Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia ) . About 80 cars were damaged . The Accident happened due to an insidious Sandstorm .
2007-05-27 | 2013-02-07
Death Wish view on tube online.

Death Wish

Music video of Death Wish off of Alpha Mind album due early 2010 Im not sure why but it sounds a bit distorted after putting it up on here, i think it may be due to the format i have it in... I will have the single itself on my page tho so check that out for a more clear version :)
2009-02-14 | 2013-02-07
Stills from The Runaways view on tube online.

Stills from The Runaways

The Runaways is the latest film from the Urban Film Club currently in post production due for release end of 2010 early 2011... Distributed by Tubemogul.
2010-11-07 | 2013-02-04
Palindrome - Fractal Zooms view on tube online.

Palindrome - Fractal Zooms

Quick fractal movie test of zooms in and out of the M-set (fractal eXtreme) set to fractal music I created. The main bass line was created with Well-Tempered Fractal DOS software, the overlay - I'll let you figure it out. The video will probably suck due to compression - sorry about that.
by: MeLowPing | 931 views
2011-06-16 | 2013-02-03
Never Marry a Doctor view on tube online.

Never Marry a Doctor

The Stones' cleaning lady's baby is sick and her husband lost his job due to illness. Donna hires the husband to do odd jobs in their house, but now the twenty dollars for Mrs. Cruikshank's charity is missing. Could the handyman be a thief?
1960-11-17 | 2013-02-02
78 yo man fainted on roadside for days due to lack of food view on tube online.

78 yo man fainted on roadside for days due to lack of food

by: Lake8737 | 1479 views
Hexylvania Presents: GTNR! aka. Barnyard Blowout {v.2} view on tube online.

Hexylvania Presents: GTNR! aka. Barnyard Blowout {v.2}

The First Feature Length Hexylvania Video was due for release earlier this year, but has taken over a year (and counting) to film, so far. So until we can release the "Pre-DVD Mixtape" (due: July 2008), we're just gonna have to show you some goods now. Enjoy & Sorry for the delay, But all good things take time. Lakai took 4 years, we're barely about a year deep... Stay Tuned.
2008-04-21 | 2013-01-31
Rafa's 1985 GMC Sierra vs My 1991 Toyota Tercel view on tube online.

Rafa's 1985 GMC Sierra vs My 1991 Toyota Tercel

He's running a Chevy 305 V8 I'm running a Toyota 5E-FHE, not completely functional ATM due to distributor issues, but all in all a good run, sorry for the shaking camera, it's not mounted in any way as of yet
2009-08-04 | 2013-03-08
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