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discus fish

Pair of Leopard Discus Fish From Jeffrey Yang view on tube online. 01:32

Pair of Leopard Discus Fish From Jeffrey Yang - I may have some fry available for sale; please check out my website to check status.
by: DiscusFishyCom | 4037 views
2010-08-18 | 2013-10-20
Discus Fish Uncovered view on tube online.

Discus Fish Uncovered

Discus fish information presented to you by those that know EVERYTHING there is to know about this beautiful species of fish! Visit
by: roland1pratt | 0 views
2010-08-20 | 2013-09-29
Hari's Discus Fish Tank view on tube online. 02:23

Hari's Discus Fish Tank

The Discus fish is known as the king of aquariums. These are arguably the most beautiful, sensitive and elegant fish found in the world. I've managed to create this healthy aquarium at home. I enjoy watching and picturing them and I hope you'd enjoy watching them as well.
2007-12-04 | 2012-08-12
Discus Fish Secrets view on tube online.

Discus Fish Secrets

The Ultimate Guide To Discus Fish Care, Breeding and Keeping Them Healthy.
by: osirisIV | 0 views
2009-02-13 | 2012-09-15
Discus Spawn (the First 20 Days) view on tube online. 08:54

Discus Spawn (the First 20 Days)

My second attempt to breed my discus fish...
by: chchhypno | 3309 views
2008-03-18 | 2012-06-05
Unpacking Discus view on tube online.

Unpacking Discus

Unpacking a box of fish at Devotedly Discus.
by: chang | 0 views
2008-06-10 | 2012-11-23
Discus Fish Care - view on tube online.

Discus Fish Care - Get free expert adcvice and tips to ensure you ahve the most beautiful discus fish ever! Discus fish care and breeding tips and secrets
by: out2shine | 0 views
2010-09-03 | 2013-10-20
Discus Fish Breeding - view on tube online.

Discus Fish Breeding - Discus fish are beautiful fish to keep in you tank however do require special care. For free advice and expert tips on discus fish breeding and caring for discus fish
by: out2shine | 0 views
2010-09-02 | 2013-10-20
Discus Mon Amour view on tube online. 09:58

Discus Mon Amour

diskus discus fish breeding, reproduction. breeding in natural environment. music: Kevin MacLeod, more of my fish at
by: MaximilianWeinzierl | 83066 views
2010-01-12 | 2012-05-17
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