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deck chair

Ice Bucket Challenge view on tube online.

Ice Bucket Challenge

There were three very large containers on the shed roof. The first one contained pink dye (Hello Sailor) The last two contained plain iced water. To make sure the recipient was totally drenched, when he squelched out of the deck-chair, the high pressure washer was turned on him. The event was a complete and utter Wash-Out.
by: Ringear | 678 views
2014-08-25 | 2014-11-07
Outdoor Orgasms view on tube online. 05:22

Outdoor Orgasms

Scorching sirens Angelina black hair and Dona blonde move to a deck chair and peel off their bikini tops They massage and suck each others firm tits and perky nipples then Dona climbs on top of Angelina and pulls her bikini bottom off She deep f
by: pixieerotica | 1233 views
2012-11-28 | 2014-03-24
Bear biting at dad view on tube online. 0:38

Bear biting at dad

This was the first bear and he would not get off the deck so they went out to take pics of him and dad grabbed a chair to put inbetween them and toward the end of the video the bear bites at dad but only because he thinks dad has food!!!! This is why they say not to feed the bears!
by: Stormy Moore | 0 views
Even a folded deck chair can make you bust your nuts view on tube online. 0:44

Even a folded deck chair can make you bust your nuts

by: bucksportal | 1630 views
Smartass - view on tube online. 02:18

Smartass - You place a jumbo card face down on a chair without revealing it's identity. A participant is invited to sit down on the mystery card and is shown a deck of shuffled playing cards. You explain that they will use their subconscious to deduce the identity of the
by: David Christopher | 0 views
waking up romain when he was night crew and i came in to launch view on tube online.

waking up romain when he was night crew and i came in to launch

sittin in my chair bastard. its ok though he was the night crew and i was on days and just about to get to launch on deck edge so it was all good.. man i loved that chair too. kickin my feet up on the desk after a man up, paper work was always stright. airmens cleaning their spaces and chiefs fuckin off in the office. man i loved that little space back there. could just peace and quiet with some tunes. cat captin baby!
2009-04-08 | 2013-02-09
Young flat-chested coed is fucked by dude with ponytail in lounge chair on deck view on tube online. 17:23
2012-12-06 | 2013-03-24
Episode 4 - The Businessman and the Fisherman view on tube online.

Episode 4 - The Businessman and the Fisherman

In Episode 4 of Deck Chair TV the Slow Coach tells you one of his favourite stories.
by: slowcoach | 0 views
2009-06-04 | 2012-11-07
CAT Burglar Caught in the Act view on tube online. 0:43

CAT Burglar Caught in the Act

Finally caught you in the act "Trouble" This cat was havving a catnap the other day on the deck under a chair, a squirrel snuck up the stairs and was just about to take a piece of food from the cat's bowl when the cat opened it's eyes and it was only a couple inches away, took off so quickly and caught the squirrel halfway down the stairs and it got away, no animals were injured in the making of this video, the Squirrel took care of itself easily!
by: newschaser | 29 views
2012-06-18 | 2012-10-15
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