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daughter experiment

The Death Of Annie Darwin view on tube online.

The Death Of Annie Darwin

Saxnaxe This is an acoustic number in the tradition of Pink Floyd by Brynley Thomas. Charles Darwins daughter died when she was 10 and is buried near us. It apparently broke his heart and he lost his faith in God as a result.Originally destined for the Church he vowed to travel and experiment with his beloved botany and science.Her death perhaps led to one of the greatest scientific journeys of all time. He set out to create the evidence not to observe.
by: ubdumb | 7779 views
JK Experiment (Brad Gluckman) view on tube online. 07:15

JK Experiment (Brad Gluckman)

How to be funny like Jamie Kennedy: Prank with Jamie Kennedy. Daughter brings Brad to meet the Mum and Sis. Funny Stuff :D
by: thaflash1988 | 189253 views
2006-07-28 | 2012-08-02
The Ambassador's Daughter view on tube online. 1:47:17

The Ambassador's Daughter

Joan Fisk, daughter of the American ambassador to France, is bored with entertaining the wives of visiting V.I.P.s and decides to conduct an experiment. She accepts a date with an American G.I. and tries to prove to her father and his friends that not all soldiers are wolves. But by the end of their first date, when wine, music and the young man's charms have swept her off her feet, she realizes that she may have won more than the bet.
by: crazedigitalmovies | 201 views
2011-12-06 | 2012-05-30
A 2.5 Year-Old Has A First Encounter with An iPad view on tube online. 03:38

A 2.5 Year-Old Has A First Encounter with An iPad

A fascinating UI experiment, captured three days after the iPad was first released in 2010. My daughter likes playing with my iPhone, but this was her very f...
2010-04-05 | 2013-07-24
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