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Swords & Soldiers: Gets Move Controls view on tube online. 01:01

Swords & Soldiers: Gets Move Controls

The 2D RTS game Swords & Soldiers now supports the PlayStation Move controller. Check out a demonstration here.
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Tower Simulator view on tube online. 02:27

Tower Simulator

As a tower controller, you handle realistic aircraft take-offs and landings, as well as aircraft ground movements through breathtaking out-the-window and radar views. Runways, taxiways, aprons, flight paths, obstructions and airport structures are all under your control ! More (link) on my blog.
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How To Make A Web Show view on tube online. 02:28

How To Make A Web Show

I have received several emails asking what equipment I use to make my daily show so I thought I would show you how it’s done in today’s episode. My set has low budget basics including lighting, microphone and a HDV camera.
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Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel cover) view on tube online. 06:05

Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel cover)

Gavin Castleton performs a bedroom version of his "Sledgehammer" cover using Ableton Live 8, an FCB1010 midi foot controller, an M-Audio Trigger Finger, a Wurlitzer 200A eletric piano, and a Roland JP8000. All effecting (including the vocoder which is being fed from a vocal delay aux send and the JP
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lace leno''DON WHAT I FEEL LIKEundaturf 2.5 dvd view on tube online. 0:45

lace leno''DON WHAT I FEEL LIKEundaturf 2.5 dvd

mc crowed controller rap muzik
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Mature Kitana masturbating with Wii controller view on tube online. 33:00
Viking Motorsports Electric Race Car 2014 view on tube online. 01:39

Viking Motorsports Electric Race Car 2014

Rain test and general fun on the track. Endurance: 20miles on single charge Top speed: 60mph Motor: Remy HVH250 Controller: Rinehart PM100 Batteries: Enerdel modules, 5.4kWh, 170V DC Custom battery management system and vehicle control unit, inclues live telemetry and data logging
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2014-12-16 | 2015-07-21
Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock XBox 360 Review view on tube online. 03:34

Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock XBox 360 Review

At £75, Guitar Hero 3 is easily the most expensive video game we’ve reviewed at Computeractive. On the other hand, you get a lot for your money: inside the enormous box you’ll find a special guitar controller. This is wireless, roughly two-thirds as long as a proper guitar, and shaped like a Gibson Les Paul. It has five coloured buttons on the fretboard, a “strum bar” switch where the strings should be and a tremolo bar. Read the full review at
by: Computeractive | 241 views
2009-06-10 | 2015-07-12
Exploting CVE  in Windows 7 VNC Controller view on tube online. 01:17
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