MediaTram.com is an innovative online video search engine, which was created to automatically index video content of the popular video hosting services over the Internet and give the most accurate search results to its users.

MediaTram's search is permanently monitoring around 20 broadcasting network websites for the latest uploaded video files. You can use MidiaTram to search for videos hosted at YouTube, MySpace, MegaVideo, Video.Yahoo.com and many many other services at the same time. It will take just a few seconds for MediaTram's high speed database to provide you with the relevant video list.

Unlike other similar video search engines, MediaTram uses an original search technology to accurately, automatically and efficiently find video content online.

MediaTram makes it possible to search videos using a keyword and sort your results by such parameters as relevance, the number of views, the duration of the video and the date of upload. MediaTram is convenient and absolutely free service that is able to give you a totally new experience of searching videos online.

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