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brief sound

Brief clip of Hot Club de Paris at the Bush Hall view on tube online. 0:09

Brief clip of Hot Club de Paris at the Bush Hall

just an awesome clip from a gig i went to, the sound came out rather well seeing as i was standing right next to the speakers that is all
by: Stephen Davy | 0 views
the MUSLIMS/SOFT PACK view on tube online. 0:38


A brief clip from the 'Ezekiel Sound Movement' party in Costa Mesa
by: eric gonzales | 0 views
Vile Affliction - Live @ the Brutal Backyard BBQ view on tube online. 04:32

Vile Affliction - Live @ the Brutal Backyard BBQ

Excellent sound quality vid from our brief Backyard BBQ performance, July 18th, 2009.
by: Nocturnal Torment | 0 views
3D Human Ear view on tube online. 03:19

3D Human Ear

This is a brief explanation of how our sense of hearing works. Starts with sound waves, then explaining the Malleus, Incus, and Stapes. Finally the Cochlea. A nice medical animation. Visit my website to get in touch with me!
by: javitzproductions | 329938 views
2010-02-11 | 2013-10-16
Raquel Choyce as Janet Jackson Behind The Scenes Velvet Rope IF view on tube online. 06:33

Raquel Choyce as Janet Jackson Behind The Scenes Velvet Rope IF

this is me showing some of the things that go on behind the scenes before a show like the sound check rehearsal. you can hear me singing and then i do a quick performance of velvet rope into IF. most of it i am singing live except for a brief part in velvet rope. at the end you will see a quick clip
by: Raquel Choyce | 0 views
Over The Top view on tube online.

Over The Top

This project brief was to place the existing dialogue and add additional dialogue replacement. Create all background soundscapes, sound FX and the film score. I started the piece with a faint heartbeat and a musical introduction of the correct period with a lovely vinyl crackle to boot. I wrote the musical score (as the soldiers go over the top of the bunker) in a large orchestral style with military drums and big strings.
2011-01-03 | 2013-05-29
Evolve view on tube online.


I created this still-life mosaic at Goldsmith’s University of London. During the process I took 695 photos of almost every pasting of paper. Once the project was completed I composed a piece of music which governed the way I manipulated the frame duration to creatively sync up the image and sound to create a brief animation.
2007-06-24 | 2012-11-07
Shit Navi Says - Legend of Zelda view on tube online. 02:56

Shit Navi Says - Legend of Zelda

HEY! LISTEN! Navi always had so much to say in the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. We distilled Navi's infinite wisdom into a few brief sound bytes. Yeah, I know we kind of missed the boat on this meme, but better late than never, right? Starring Zach Hill Jodii Grono Costumes by Donna Natale David Shaw Crew Troy Cherkowski Nathan Kelly Brittany Lum-Cho
2012-04-17 | 2012-10-07
King of the high C sharp? view on tube online. 9:06:07

King of the high C sharp?

This is a brief compilation of 18 tenors singing the C# above tenor C. It is a VERY difficult note to sing, many tenors have a C but no C#. Remember though, this is a note that Luciano Pavarotti once described as a 'sound that should be coming from an animal, not a human' and as you should know... a tenor should not be rated by his C#. This video is just for fun. Please do the following!: -Have a go at trying to name all the tenors. -State who is your King of the high C# and more import
Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation view on tube online. 02:57

Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

Emile de Leon of Temple Sounds performs a brief sound meditation with gongs and Tibetan singing bowls using large mallets.
2007-06-26 | 2012-09-27
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