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astana view on tube online. 02:10
by: rutube_account_472250 | 102 views
2014-06-12 | 2015-03-01
платье view on tube online. 0:58


для заказа обращайтесь по адресу
by: alba moda | 54 views
2013-07-03 | 2014-08-27
кроссовки торговая марка H&M view on tube online. 0:28

кроссовки торговая марка H&M

по вопросам приобретения или заказа обращайтесь
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2013-07-09 | 2014-08-27
Шахтер Кг - Селтик 2:0 view on tube online. 03:57

Шахтер Кг - Селтик 2:0

20 августа 2013 19:00 | 4-й отборочный раунд Стадион Astana Arena 12' Андрей Финонченко 77' Хижниченко С.
by: Jevons Ru | 0 views
2013-08-20 | 2014-08-10
Hockey Fight (3:00min) - Barys Astana (Kazakhstan - BLUE) vs. SKA St. Petersburg (Russia - WHITE)    view on tube online.

Hockey Fight (3:00min) - Barys Astana (Kazakhstan - BLUE) vs. SKA St. Petersburg (Russia - WHITE)  

Uploaded the same video without sound first by accident, sorry. Nice fight at around 3min, blue guy takes a beating but then makes a comeback, Nice fight!
by: shammy87 | 334 views
2013-02-12 | 2014-01-18
юбка в горошек view on tube online. 0:30

юбка в горошек

приобрести или заказать можно по адресу:
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2013-07-03 | 2014-08-27
толстовка view on tube online. 0:24


Толстовка для мальчика. Заказать можно здесь:
by: alba moda | 46 views
2013-06-25 | 2014-08-27
Routine Traffic Stop Results In Massive Beat-Down Free-For-All. view on tube online.

Routine Traffic Stop Results In Massive Beat-Down Free-For-All.

This incident was captured on CCTV in Astana City on the 28th June 2008. The State Vehicle Inspection (GAI) was doing a routine check when all of a sudden punches went flying everywhere. Additional cars stopped and their occupants were seen contributing extra punches to various people's faces.
by: Perky | 52099 views
2008-06-26 | 2013-08-16
Therapy Sessions Astana view on tube online. 9:06:07

Therapy Sessions Astana

t.A.T.u Nas Ne Dogonyat (Live At Astana) view on tube online.

t.A.T.u Nas Ne Dogonyat (Live At Astana)

t.A.T.u. Live At Astana (Kazakhstan) 19/07/07 Planet of Music Coca Cola. Yulia Olegovna Volkova (Vocal), Lena Sergeevna Katina (Vocal), Troy David MacCubbin (Guitar [Hamer Monaco (MON) in a Red Transparent Finish]), Sven David Martin (Keyboards [Shure SM 58, YAMAHA-S80, Access VIRUS KC]), Domen Vajevec (Bass) and Steve Wilson (Drums [TAMA]) are t.A.T.u
2007-07-30 | 2012-11-24
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