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a pool without water

Surfer Dog Perfects the Way to Cross a Pool   view on tube online.

Surfer Dog Perfects the Way to Cross a Pool 

Playful jack russell / half border terrier Arthur enjoys an unusual pastime. Far from daunted at the site of the swimming pool at his home in Devon, England, he relishes an opportunity to practise his surf technique above the calm water. See him jump on the board and cross cleverly from one side to the other, without ever becoming completely wet. This, his owner Harry told us, was “a once-off”. See his tail wag with excitement at his achievement! Credit: YouTube/Harry Tangye
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I believe I can fly! view on tube online.

I believe I can fly!

It has been said that it is better to try and fail than to live with the doubt of what might have been. But obviously, some things should not be tried when one can pretty much anticipate the outcome. For example, it would be foolish, if not the height of folly, to jump into a pool without first checking it for water. I think the young man in the video was over confident...
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2015-05-11 Pool Without Water_2 view on tube online. 13:27 Pool Without Water_2

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Funny Cpmmercial view on tube online.

Funny Cpmmercial

Shows how one can enjoy the pool without water and a nice cold beer.
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Michael Sirah view on tube online.

Michael Sirah

Swims the length of the pool under water without taking a breath
2007-08-27 | 2013-01-24
Lower the Cost of Swimming Pool Maintenance, Salt-chlorinated Too view on tube online. 02:52

Lower the Cost of Swimming Pool Maintenance, Salt-chlorinated Too

This is one in a series of pool cleaning movies that shows how you can remove calcium, calcium rings, lower total dissolved solids and learn the best options for salt-chlorinated pool maintenance without draining the pool water. Learn the best options for salt-chlorinated pool maintenance and how to lower water treatment chemicals pricing.
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2010-08-05 | 2012-10-20
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